BCCX Launch date of April 1st 2018 a flop - its all over, no hope left

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

This BCCX ticker still haunts my memory

I remember watching it daily thinking it was going to be my ticket to freedom, well at least partially.

Now it is evident that their road map leads no where but the edge of a cliff, that I am contemplating jumping off of.

I thought ,maybe just maybe May 1st something would be relapsed, but nothing. Not a tweet, not a blip, not a single word.

I remember how hard it was to buy BCCX in the first place, I remember it took me 4 attempts because they would usually sell out in seconds, everyday. Some days I wish that I wasn't successful and I just gave up. To think how hard I fought to give these monsters over $5000.

Its funny how billions of dollars can just evaporate into thin-air in the crypto-space, without a word, without any uprising or pushback, just silence. On to the next great idea, to hell with all those stupid who invested in bitconnectx.

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Looks like you were in it too huh? Sorry to hear that. I'm still stuck with a bunch of BCC. The risk is real. Hope other things you are in turns out better.