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Antshares has experienced a flight in recent days of more than 1000%.

Why did she go up so much?

Quite simply that a conference is scheduled for Thursday, June 22.

There has been a lot of interest in this cryptocurrency, of speculation !

Now it is in fold of nearly 30% compared to yesterday, it is due to a good party of people who wish to take the profits + panics seller.

But can it have risen to 12 € ?

I think so !

The conference schedule was published with all speakers and topics to be discussed.

And we see the location of the event with microsoft, rather interesting not ?


The panic sells have for me only one way to stabilize the antshares the time of the event and that only the event will have a direct impact on the short-term listing.

While in the long term, the crypto will have a good future, it has several partnerships and this is only going to grow in the coming months.


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Indeed, Antshares is a decent technology based on Byzantine Fault Tolerance and benefits from the large potential China user base. However, the trading action with 1500%+ returns in one month suggests the coin has fallen under a hype cycle. I would caution you to beware of long positions in this name. I sold 80% of my position that I purchased one month ago in the $10 to $13 price range.


You have done well for a maximal value in safety, the rest name sold is a party of the profit in the end, so even left in the long term you will not lose;)
For now I keep, I earn 100 € since this morning