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RE: 📺 Another Interview with Da Hongfei of NEO @ NEO meetup Shanghai China 9/14/2017 📺 - More talks about Chinese regulations and details about NEO blockchain

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

Hey pandora, clicked through to your profile from your comment on my NEO blog and happy to see you talking about the same thing :)

How relaxed he is really speaks volumes to me. Does that look like a man worried about government regulations ruining his entire business? Nope :)

Remain optimistic!


Hi @forexbrokr, thanks for checking my posts out :)

Yes, Da Hongfei is a pretty good speaker, I imagine he is better in Chinese but he does reasonably well in English.

I am still 100% optimistic on NEO! the recent chinese ICO ban concerns me little.. I never got NEO because it was an ICO platform. It's so much more!

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