New To Cryptocurrencies? What Is The Hardest Thing About Crypto For You in 2019?

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I've been trying to onboard a couple of friends to try cryptocurrencies as well as Steem and it's dapps. However, they have been fence sitting for the most part. Technically they don't find managing keys or installing a desktop wallet or buying and using a ledger to be that inconvenient. It's mostly the lack of faith that cryptocurrencies are a real thing.

However, this also has to do with the environment in India. Govt and Media FUD has added to this perception about cryptocurrencies. But beyond that many users from India on Steem are managing to use the blockchain, it's dapps and the token just fine.

bitcoin-2008262_1280 (1).jpg

However, new users still have a ton of questions and doubts about a lot of things. If we can narrow down a few of those. As a new user what do you find to be the single most difficult aspect surrounding cryptocurrencies today?

My friends were also skeptical about being able to trade without incurring losses. That's a valid point. With regards to Steem they felt it was an easier entry into cryptocurrencies-because people can post stuff to the blockchain and stand a chance to earn some crypto for free.

But otherwise from a speculation perspective if one wants to make it a significant part of your portfolio there must be a few things holding you back.

Maybe we can discuss a few of those, especially for users here who have signed up in 2019 and feel they are bit late to the party. I hope as a community here we can discuss and address some of these issues or concerns from new users to cryptos and provide some workable solutions if possible.

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All of this is hard for me. I'm new to crypto through steem. I just put my head down and blog. I think the emphasis here on steem should be helping the little guys that are here now and trying. We get enough people in the door each day not to have to worry about finding a few more among our friends.

We have a 95% kill rate on STEEM.

I think if the effort to talk to people who are not here was instead focused on helping those that ARE here and new, we would do better in the long run. For every 45 rep steemer that turns into a 60 rep steemer, we get a bigger bang for the buck.

We have 100's or thousands of little people like that, gasping for attention right now. If they all become successful, steem will thrive and the naysayers will be here without us having to beg them.

True that! You've summed up a part of the experience here quite well. We've got a long road ahead of us and many changes need to be made to improve the experience for a larger audience.

I'm so glad you agree. If we grow those people who manage to get to that low level and grow them, then we will grow. Getting 1000's of more new people to kill is such a bad idea.

You can bring the horse to the river but you can't.........

true that!

We sound like a dumb to the people when we try to explain about blockchain technology...

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I tend to relate cryptocurrencies to common electronic currencies like Air Miles or Frequent Flyer Points.

The folks I've talked to have no problem with Air Miles and how you can collect them by making purchases using the card.

For the true beginners, they don't need to understand the intricacies of blockchain and hash rates. They simply need to know that if they do something, they have the possibility of gaining a tiny bit of electronic currency. After a while, it may add up to something.

I usually remind them that they've never made a penny on Facebook or the Facebook games. ;-P

Yes that's quite true. You summed it up very well infact.

The hardest thing is deciding what to buy. Obviously you want BTC, ETH, & LTC but there are plenty of promising altcoins as well

Yes. I agree.

The hardest thing is to be patient, not all things come as soon as you plan.... But when you try every day ... then soon you get what you want get.

Be Patient.

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Yes as being a new steemian it is difficult to earn profit.

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The toughest thing for me in crypto is getting to invest in right coins. I have got burnt severally which I wouldn't want to again. Just last month, a friend advised me to buy some Veil coins which I did. I have been in profits.

I see. It's always good take your profits out on a regular basis.

Mine was privacy but all thanks to veil for making it a success. With veil, privacy is assures.