Crypto Podcasts- What are your favorites?

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So I work a job that allows me the freedom to listen to the radio, or as increasingly is the case these days, podcasts as much I like during the workday. When I'm not checking in and watching my Blockfolio go up and down like a drunk hobo trying to navigate an escalator I will generally tune in to a few podcasts I enjoy. For me personally the podcasts I listen to tend to fall in 5 categories- Sports, Fantasy Books, Politics, True Crime, and Crypto.

I've posted multiple times about my favorite book podcast, the guys over at The Legendarium do a great job and I highly recommend it if fantasy books are your thing. Sports wise there are too many to list, it really depends on the season and how my teams are doing. Politics and true crime I have to be in a specific mood to really get into them so today I want to talk about crypto podcasts.

Crypto Podcasts

Seeing as how I don't care for apple products my first stop when looking for a random crypto podcast to listen to is to pop open google play and look around a bit. I wanted to share a few podcasts I came across that also happen to have a presence here on steemit. 

CryptoBobby- @cryptobobby

One of the first ones that I came across that I enjoyed was @cryptobobby. He already has a pretty extensive youtube following with over 125k subscribers and a decent following on steemit here as well with over 2k followers. I'd say his youtube description is pretty accurate when he says, "I provide daily cryptocurrency content and analysis on topics like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the altcoins. " It seems like a lot of the things he posts are in the 10-20 min range though there are some longer interviews/live streams mixed in as well. 

I don't have a ton to say about this podcast really, it is well done and an enjoyable listen. He definitely doesn't need my help promoting it so I'll move on to another podcast I stumbled across.

Building Crypto Today-@josh-bctpodcast

Compared to the first podcast this one seems significantly less well known, though that doesn't make his opinions any less valid. For these posts I like to use the podcasters own words to describe what they are all about because undoubtedly they know better than I do so from his twitter-

 Freedom, Civic, Personal and most importantly Monetary. And having the  freedom to pursue a natural & sustainable lifestyle w/ others. 

 It just so happened that the first podcast of his I listened to was this episode which was all about our beloved Steemit. It is always interesting listening to a newcomer come in and give their opinion on the platform. He raises some good points, both positive and negative, and I encourage everyone to give it a listen. From listening to him it sounds like he comes from a technical background and is genuinely interested in learning a bit more about steemit and how it works. I would say his site/steemit/podcasts are a little less polished than some of the others but everyone has to start somewhere.

You can find him on a number of platforms, the first choice being Steemit at or his website 

David Hay-@davidhay

David Hay is another established personality in the crypto space. His youtube channel has over 100k subscribers and a snazzy website The about section on his youtube sums up his videos/podcasts thusly-

 My specialty will be exploring new and emerging cryptocurrencies,  exploring how each one works and then figuring out what the best investment strategy is for it.   

I picked this one to highlight not because he needs the publicity but because he also did an episode about steemit which you can find here. If there is one thing people on Steemit like it is talking about and listening to other people talk about Steemit. I think Xzibit said it best when he said-

I do find a lot of the stuff he says pretty insightful (David Hay, not Xzibit) and he is consistently putting out some pretty good content. Not as long as some of the other podcasts out there, generally in the 10-20 minute range but the quantity makes up for the reduced length.

What are your favorites?

These are just 3 of the podcasts I picked, I do find myself listening to more just didn't want to make this article too long. A quick shout out to the guys at the Crypto Street Podcast, I find that one pretty entertaining but they don't have an official Steemit account so no featured spot for them :)

I am always open for more recommendations on people I should be listening to so feel free to chime in with suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I'll be watching the comments for some hidden gems I am missing out on.

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For a person just getting into Crypto, one of the biggest challenges has been finding places to go for reliable information and advice that isn't overly technical. There is just so much noise/bullshit out there. Thanks!

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This list is by no means exhaustive but I felt it appropriate to highlight some of the people who did make their way to steemit. Hopefully some other folk comment with some of their favorites as well, can never have too many sources of info.

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