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Books are the main channel through which information is transferred from one generation to another. Civilization started in Egypt, but can you imagine how the whole world got civilized? Religious books were written thousands of years ago and we can still see and read what was written clearly and unaltered. Can you imagine how this information could have been if people were to memorize it and transfer it to others in the form of spoken language? Today, the history, the science, the economics, the law. the geography, etc are all made possible simply because those who started it wrote it down. All these examples tell us the importance of books.
Today, through technological advancement, ebooks and pdf make it easy to convert a voluminous book into something more portable but equally useful as the original paper book. And with the advancement of technology, people can carry a whole lot of books on their smartphones.
Statistics show that numerous individuals flood the internet everyday in such of their favorite books and many more books are been written and uploaded on to the internet as well. The more the internet continues to get flooded with information that is similar, the more difficult it will become for one to locate a specific information. Keying in a specific search term generates thousands of information that may not produce the specific one the individual is looking for. Even if one gets access to the information, he/she might have searched thoroughly through the numerous pages.
But come to think of it, what if the act of searching for a book was made a little bit easier than ever? What if there was a platform where readers could share whatever they have read, with their friends? What if there was a platform where authors could have direct contact with their audience and share their experience with them. What if there was a platform where one could easily have access to that specific book he/she is looking for, by contacting the author? These and many more features are what the ISHOOK PLATFORM seeks to achieve.


The video above contains a detailed explanation of what Ishook is all about. It features the founder of Ishook, Beni E Rachmanov. But to those who like to read,

iShook is the platform build to connect content creators and audiences by using the blockchain technology. By use of this technology, it ensures that rich content is delivered to the users. Moreover, the blockchain technology is used to create trust and make the secure trade between the publisher and readers. iShook aims to equip writers and authors with the best solutions to right to own, delivery and discovery in a rapidly growing globally connected world. The vision of iShook is to give access to the publishers and booksellers to distribute their work to millions of users all around the world. By doing this, iShook will help remove the barrier between the publisher and the readers. This will enable the publisher to connect with their readers directly through the platform and give the opportunity to have a chat with them in a real time. The user’s feedback on the particular content or book will be received immediately which help other users to participate in the conversation. iShook will be the refuge to inspire the content creator to write extraordinary content and distribute it through the platform. iShook will help the content creator to build the community where they will receive the right kind of readers for their content.


At iShook, their goal is to connect content creators and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology to ensure that rich content is delivered to end users. They are focussing on enhancing singular network to host digital content and increase content creators visibility.
For instance, any author registered with ishook can self-publish for a minimal fixed yearly fee and monetize their work. Readers on the platform can read the content directly from authors, and share their thoughts and insights via social media. ishook’s partnership with 'Gardners UK' has already brought in more than 12,000 publishers and over 60,000 ebooks on their platform. They have a very simple to use user interface that will prompt customers to update their profile like the general information, profile with photos, a cover photo, and a bio etc.
'iShook' has been rocking on the market since 2013 in their book business. They are now planning to link the content media with social media.'yChat' is their own app available both on Android and iOS and Android 8.0+ and iOS 11 supports it. An ebook app is too available but it is only supported by the iOS.

This video, which was uploaded to Ishook facebook page, gives a detailed explanation of how the platform works and how to use the App. Link to video:

iShook differentiates itself from existing setups, by utilizing blockchain technology on its already existing platform. Thousands of books exist within the iShook ecosystem, and an immense number of users are already leveraging this platform. The social reading experience has already been initiated. and its well underway on iShook. Content creators and customers have both, publishing options and markup abilities at hand only to enhance their experience. The iShook ecosystem does not just include their web page, but a developed mobile app, a news regulator, and an eCommerce store.

1. Website as social media operations:
2. Everyday news, blogging, article operations :
3. E-commerce store :

Web Platform
The web platform will facilitate numerous articles by publishers and it already holds over 60,000 ebooks through their partner “Gardners UK” The Ishook platform will provide an opportunity for users who look forward to sharing their experiences across a list of social networks, all while hosting content natively.

Blog & E-commerce Store
Ishook oversees that a blog platform will only enable more users to visit and use the concept. As an extension to their already existing web application, iShook have a blogging platform known as iShook Daily. Keeping the user in mind, the platform acts as an aggregator to serve users enticing and engaging content on a frequent basis to add to their daily experience.

Mobile Application
Having a mobile application is paramount to the entire system working. A vast majority would prefer to get work done on the go and Ishook will capitalize on this.

yChat - An application for communications release to support the iShook Ecosystem on Android and a built-in payment mode from Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
The many uses are :
*Money transfers and cryptocurrencies in private messages
*Chat already supported. Voice/video calls to be developed soon
*Discrete individual/group chats with 100% privacy
*Stream with photo and video content
*Security including end-to-end encryption, fingerprint lock (Google Touch ID, Apple Face, and Touch Recognition), and private key storage for crypto-wallets
*Incentivized channels for bloggers and publishers

Content Creator benefits
Content creators will be able to manage their own accounts. In effect, they will be in their own silos, with the success of each content creator depending on his own efforts, and not those of other content creators. In addition to the standard rates set by ishook in royalties' process, content creators will also have the ability to receive additional royalties for their content in the form of iShook tokens. More information can be found here:

User benefits
One of the significant benefits that ishook tokens will offer users on the platform are discounts on both contents released by authors, and items listed on the eCommerse store. More information can be found here:

Referrals, Incentives and User Drive
The majority of tokens minted outside from the crowdsale will be used to promote the growth of the iShook platform and to grant benefits for active users and content creators. In iShook's effort to kickstart its cryptocurrency based ecosystem, bonus incentives will be distributed to both content created and users in a variety of different ways. These include; bonuses to content creators, bonuses for submission milestones, bonuses for engagement milestones, bonuses for longevity milestones, bonuses for signup and bonuses for referrals.

The iShook Tokens are Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 standardized tokens. One of the biggest advantages is that these tokens are compliant with a wide range of wallets such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, IMToken, etc.
The token is denoted by the symbol SHK and the cost of 1 SHK = 0.001 ETH. The token sale opened at 12. Mar 2018 and is set to go on until 10. May 2018. There will be a total of 570000000.

Token Allocation


The project is made up of individuals with a lot of experience in their respective fields. Meet the team;

For more information, please visit any of the following links:

Bountyhive link

Blog author: Fayamba
Bountyhive username: Fayamba


Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.

You have said it all. But i believe this one is worth it as well.

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