Filing Taxes With a Protest

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So as an independent contractor that files a 1040 Schedule C, I noticed there isn't a place on the form to suggest how the tax I owed gets to be used. I tweeted the POTUS, I would like to see that money used for rebuilding infrastructure and not for more war.

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And this futile action brings up a good point as Steemians. Since a lot of us are freedom loving individuals, we would like a say in how our tax dollars are used. While on the one hand, I feel ISIS and radicals of any sort who feel violence should be used to prove their devotion to a deity is wrong, I also feel my taxes being used to bomb innocent people is wrong.

And, since the blockchain is a public ledger, there is a feasible way to allow tax payers a suggestion of how their money could be used. And this is in essence a form of voting. So, if you pay you tax bill to the USA through a block chain a series of check boxes could be created to allow your tax bill to have a suggested use. So, for instance, you could choose 80% Infrastructure rebuilding, 10% Social Services, 9% Parks, 1% Military. And once, the tax forms are collected, an array of percentages for each government service could be created.

Since we do not yet have a public tax ledger to allow us to easily suggest how our payments are spent, I urge you all to tweet POTUS at @realDonaldTrump. Make sure you mention you do not want your taxes used for war.

All research for this article done with TurboTax and Drudge Report
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