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Wow, remember the last release? It was hard to forget, especially since we added both the long-awaited Ripple (XRP) and our first ever fully-supported stablecoin, TrueUSD (TUSD). Personally, I haven’t seen this many consecutive asset releases together before.

We won’t break that streak today.

In version 1.59.0, you’ll see a new asset addition, exchange addition, feature addition, and of course, quite a few dead bugs (I think we’re leveling up after this release).

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Heading For the Stars

Exodus is proud to welcome Stellar (XLM)! You can now effortlessly send, receive, and exchange XLM directly within the wallet.

stellar compressed.gif

If you wish to learn more about XLM and its minimum balance system, we have a detailed article here.

Don’t Forget to Pack Some Mithril

For any release fanatics, you may have heard of an ERC20 asset called Mithril *cough* version 1.54.0 *cough*

MITH has finally joined the Exodus family as a fully-supported exchangeable asset!

MITH exchange 2.gif

For our social media gurus, you may have already noticed the other ERC20 assets that we’ve added to the Exodus exchange. Happy exchanging and if anything goes wrong, we always got your back with 24/7 support.

“All” Exchanges? All Fixed :)

Our developers have killed many other bugs in the past, but this one proved really annoying (for both our developers and you). When hitting the ALL button for exchanges including ETH, ERC20 assets, and ETC, the outgoing transaction would often fail and be sent back.

I’m happy to say we conquered the boss bug and this problem will plague us no more.

Adding a New Look

Version 1.59.0 also brings with it a few nifty UI/UX changes to Exodus.

In the Wallet tab, all users can now see their asset balances without having to enter the asset-specific wallets. Just another addition to help save you time while in the Exodus experience.

asset scrolling 2.gif

Not only that, we’ve also improved the user experience of our Exchange feature during any asset downtimes. Though we’ve implemented significant changes in the backend to eliminate any extended asset downtimes, you’ll now know why an asset pair may not be available to exchange.

exchange messaging.png

Let Us Upgrade You (Windows Edition)

Come around the fireplace my Windows users, this is our time! After upgrading to the latest release, we now have the ability to auto-upgrade future releases from within the application.


Although you won’t need the Exodus Releases page anymore, I do still hope you visit us (we’ll give virtual cookies to anyone who reads our future release notes*).

Next Release: Friday, September 14th

Sadly, it’s time to bid you all farewell again. I personally feel this was a worthy successor to the amazing release that our team brought you two weeks ago. We can only imagine what the next one will be like (maybe a new asset 😉)!

As always, please stay safe in the crypto-world and protect your wealth. Any additional comments? We’d also love to hear from you on both Twitter and Facebook (and of course, here on Steemit). See you in another two weeks!

Exodus logo.png

Please reserve the comments section for lively and honest discussion about the article! If you have technical issues with Exodus, our Community Support team will be happy to speedily assist you if you send a descriptive email to: [email protected]

This post first appeared on Steemit as an exclusive article but was also reblogged on the Exodus Movement Medium page. We give the <3 to our fellow Steemians first and foremost, but this article may appear elsewhere after its initial publication.

And for you cool Exodians who stayed till the end 😉

Fun Fact:
A “bear market” (or downward trend) is called that because a bear attacks by swiping its claw downwards. Guess why we call an upward trend a “bull market” then?

*while supplies last. The current cookie supply is currently zero so I’m sorry (sort of), but it would be really cool if I could actually give virtual cookies to everyone. If you’re a virtual cookie vendor reading this, please call me. Otherwise, I’m honestly sorry for wasting your important time. Why are you still reading this?


Wow! I was thinking about it today. Where I would keep my stellar lumens that I bought in the exchange. I didn'tt want to download another wallet and I thought it would be great if the exodus also had stellar too. Thank you so much, great job ;)

I'm so glad that we were able to make your day, and thank you for the kind words! We sensed that there were many people with the same thoughts going through there head today, so felt it was mission critical to add Stellar! =)

my computer is win 7 untimate. how to intall???

Another mouthful of updates....Great to see the product addition and sweet news for windows users

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! I'm really happy to hear that you were impressed with the Windows update feature.

I have been thinking of getting some XLM. Knowing Exodus wallet holds it is really great new. Updating my wallet right now. Well done to Exodus

Thank you for the support!

Really glad to see Stellar XLM added, thanks

Our pleasure, and we're so glad that the addition of XLM has been such a successful one!

Excellent. thank you for the updates. much appreciated.

Absolutely! We're glad that you are happy with the new additions. =)

The moment XRP was supported I seen XLM Stellar coming soon. This is great news and a fantastic Job done for the Exodus Team. Thank You,

Hey Nick, thank you so much for the kind words! We're glad that you are excited about the new additons to Exodus!

hey do you guys think you will ever include EOS mainnet in the wallet?

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