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Make thousands of dollars with Algebraix, get 1000 ALX for just 3 min sign up, 4000 ALX for refers and several hundreds of dollars for just watching advert.

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Wow users can now get paid just to watch an advert. Thanks to Algebraix, a new coin platform that gives user the opportunity to get pay just watching advert. Here is your opportunity to make good money from the comfort of your home watching advert. The money advert you watch the more money you make

Algebraix is building a permission-based advertising platform; these will allow users to get their data back. ALX connects advertisers to individual users directly without the any third party. Advertisers pay users directly with ALX coin for letting their data in therefore users get back their data. Algebraix is fight for the common users and she is saying end time for data exploitation.

Andy Shah, who is the Chief Technology Officer at Algebraix, says that advertisers will get more value for their money. If a user enjoys an advertisement and follows through with the call to action, advertisers get direct communication from users.

He also believes this will completely change the advertisement concept. People hate advertisement. However, things will turn a new look if advertiser pays directly to viewers just to watch they ads.

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