The Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belford says Bitcoin is a SCAM.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Interview with Jordan Belford and my 2 cents.

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This douchebag should not be running his mouth on anything!

This asshole scammed a whole bunch of people, served some time, and now he's out there on a lecture tour across the world pushing his book! LOL You can't make this shit up!

I also thought the same thing. However, I found out that he gave all the proceeds of his 2 year tour back to the victims he scammed 20 years earlier. He has tried to make amends which is a lot more that can be said of others who behaved like him. I'm not saying he is a hero. Just wanted to clarify.

Hahaha right!ie4fEHT4krdDO.gif

I don't understand what gives this guy any authority on anything.
He's a junkie degenerate who made a lot of money committing securities fraud, then had a movie made about him. Why would i take his financial advice? Why would anyone take his financial advice? Why does he get to go on tv and give out financial opinions?
I've been seeing/hearing him everywhere lately and its always about bitcoin, for someone who hates it so much, it seems to be the only asset he ever talks about. Obviously desperate for media attention.

and the media is desperate for crypto critics

The value of bitcoin is due to the amount of people who use it, so simple... So it can't be scam. In fact, I am absolutely certain that whales will enter the market when the btc reaches $6000 or less... This is rather the time to buy bitcoins. Remember, we enter in the panic and come out in the euphoria.

WHO ELSE...EVERYBODY SAYN BTC IS SCAM! Include GOLDMAN SACHS, than they buy it for low prices:) as described

Bitcoin is eventually going to be overtaken by another crypto. Bitcoin is not what is revolutionary. Blockchain technology is what is revolutionary. Blockchain is going to disrupt many industries, not Bitcoin.

CHEERS! Keep spreading the news!

I don't believe it ...... Its not a scam rather its future!

decentralised scam, with no owner ship or ill motivations...Just a transfer for a store of value.


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Like the anger (passion). Keep doing what you do.

I don't think he meant to say scam if what he was saying is that it can be manipulated by just a few entities, which is quite possible. However, Bitcoin was never created to dupe people. In fact it was the opposite, it was meant to empower individuals. And it is working. Why else would those in power be so afraid of losing their hegemony over the little people that they have unleashed their minions in the media to demonize crypto?

Bitcoin is here to stay, these nay Sayers don't want you to get rich and enjoy life as they do. That's why they keep talking shit about cryptocurrencies. Nay Sayers your suggestions in my 🚽 and don't forget the flush button.

all of the dinosaurs say same thing

Hi Vincent. I watched this this morning and from where he has come from i wouldn't believe a word he said. I can see why so many people where scammed by him many years ago.

The amount of FUD spread by the media is too damn high.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has been paid for this statement (In bitcoins😀)

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I'm gonna just add my 2 cents to your 2 cents , so make it 4 cents, I agree on your opinion on crypto that will stay, but I think the model of the crypto world will change drastically in the future,but I gotta say you shouldn't get angry on such thing, you attacked the man so hard for saying it's scam, everyone is entitled to his own opinion and if anyone think its scam he has low understanding of logic or how the bitcoin cryptocurrency works, I think ICOs are not the right way to raise money for the coins because you put a value to something without value, but if you give away coins away then it makes the coin value goes up from the 0 then yes, Selling a pre-mine of a coin is just like printing out money for the people creating it which should be stopped.

Crypto is the future. Resteemed.

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ha ha ha.... i am not believe it....

My 2 cents:

  1. Bitcoin is too big to be a scam

  2. Negative views are welcome as it helps to explore things deeper

  3. Markets are always about buyers ans sellers. So for every buyer here is a seller. So People who think its a scam will sell and people who believe in it will buy.

He has one bugged-out eye. I don't trust him. He's a vril :)

I read the novel. The funniest part was when he sent his helicopter to pick up the drugs he forgot

This is a very old statement.. why post now? kool u made 96 bucks copy pasting..

the one thing that makes me think someone is strong and has really a lot of confidence is someone's ability to admit that they either don't know something or that they're wrong

Wanted to second that quote from another vid, with one by Confucius​ which illustrates well one of my life's guiding principles:

“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

― Confucius

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It baffles me how Jordan can still get paid huge amounts of money to give talks and now he plays the 'don't do what I did' card. The man ripped people off, committed god knows how many crimes and now he is trying to 'educate' people about something he doesn't know anything comparing it to something from the 80s? hahahah Blockchain is NOTHING like anything from the 80s, it is revolutionary and only in its infancy. Jordan is probably someone who would tell you the internet was a scam in its early days then secretly invest in google. He is a crook, a scammer and thinking he has completely changed his personality is naïve. The man is probably secretly buying up crypto assets while giving interviews hating on it to try scare people into selling. Disregard everything Belfort says.