Update on APR - 2 months after the launch

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Hi hi Steemians,

Nothing much from me lately, this is mostly due to the increasing case of carpal tunnel I have in my right wrist. I'll be switching to Dtube soon so that should make it easier to post.

Anywho, that status of APR is somewhat lack lustre. During my absence (the last 30 days) APR has very closely followed the same patterns as bitcoin. This means it saw a highs in the beginning of June and has mostly decreased since then. In June it was listed at a high of $3.50 USD and is now at $1.14 USD.

The presale price was $5 so even at the peak of the last 30 days, and then since it launched APR has not surpassed it's presale price. Masternodes are a node type that are designed to be held and the entire market is low right now but dollar to dollar of course this one has been a loss.

Ok here's the fun part.... in the APR Discord Channel they posted the below image "directly from the billboard provider in Canada."
Luckily I happen to live just MINUTES from this billboard and will go check it out tomorrow. I'm quite certain I haven't seen it though....

What do you guys think? Is the billboard fact or fiction?


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