To all the haters - Verge finally did it🚀🚀🚀

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Did you hear the HUGE NEWS about XVG's new partnership?

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Verge just pigeon-holed their coin in a pathetic, last ditch attempt to stay relevant.

Nice to see you on Steemit Doug! I wasn't aware of your presence on here until not too long ago. @KennethBosak at the STEEM meet-up in Philly mentioned you on livestream. I look forward to supporting your work.

Thanks for being one of the best crypto-truthers on the Internet.

I hope this is as awesome as it sounds as we brought a heap of Verge in November and held. My hubby wasnt sure but I have held with hope, now he will ear his words.. Pornhub is one of his fav sites lol... Thanks for the awesome news.

I’m laughing at Charlie lee.

I'm not. If CL wants his coin to be accepted by the masses, the last thing he needs is it to be portrayed as "porn coin". Leave that to some other loser Verge.

I’ve liked LTC for a long time and have stood by CL even when he sold ATH, but at this point he makes pretty much all the wrong moves at the right time. It’s kinda comical in a sad way.

I bought verge in September of last year on a whim and have held since, very impressive partnership!

when a heard this. am thinking How do you explain to your girlfriend you have been invests in porn hub

This is how, tell her the true story, you invested in MindGeek, she does not need to know that MindGeek owns Pornhub. There you go. That is the truth.

aww..a easy way out then. :P
its a good tip fore those who have invested.

Funny thought @norwegianbikeman lol

The hype around how 'big' a deal it was turned out to be quite limp in the end. XVG was under too much pressure to perform with the announcement.

Still good for crypto i guess. Any adoption is good adoption i guess.

Look at it this way do you know/remember beta max vs. vhs or blueray vs. hd-dvd drives? Porn decided the winner in both cases.

Yes, a big " up yours" to the haters, Verge has actually been pro-active and got something happening. They have done much more that 99% of the so called projects out there..

MIA & XVG my nuts

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Climate change = solved lol