Why Invest Only What You're Willing to Lose.

You'll see and hear this one a lot but first of all who truly really deeply feels that they're willing to lose whatever they invest in the first place?

No matter what we lose we'll feel that sense of loss, regret and disappointment and of course we never set out with a plan to lose it all in the first place.

We already know the crypto markets are volatile, full of hype, FUD and FOMO. It should also be apparent that we make mistakes during trading to make it even more risky. There's lots of potential to earn big profits but also possible to lose a great deal of what we put in.

We all have different thoughts on risk/reward because usually the higher the risk the higher the potential gains. It doesn't matter if someone invests a few hundred dollars or a few million what should remain is common sense and most importantly everything comes down to a feeling. How would you feel if you lost it all?

However, what are you willing to invest and risk while trading cryptos?

Thank you for reading this post because I hope it is helpful for you when considering investing in cryptos.

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All my hopes and dreams.

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So that you can sleep soundly at night!

No matter what we lose we'll feel that sense of loss, regret and disappointment

it is true that people especially risk advert are afraid to take risk and when they do it is a kind of loss that will not cause them pain. but the real truth in loss whether small or great bring forth some sense of disappointment.

a business man should not just be afraid of the loss whatever, put his head headlong , invest only after proper analysis.