They Won't Kill The Internet. The Reason Why Is Epic [VIDEO]

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Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone in the world is talking about Bitcoin?

Politicians and banksters have special “committees” and meetings to try and figure out what to do about crypto nearly every day. They’ve even discussed the term “shitcoin” on the floor of the legislature… I shit you not!

When I began recommending Bitcoin back in 2011 (it was $3), the debate was whether or not blockchain technology will ever catch on.

Now, the debate is more like, how long will it take to catch on, and which cryptocurrency will be the best or most popular? We have privacy coins like Monero (XMR) competing with BTC.

Of course, the IMF and the Federal Reserve desperately want to shut it all down. Enter Facebook’s LIBRA, perhaps the most centralized, corporate twist on digital currency to date, and the establishment soils itself.

Steve Munchkin, US Secretary of the Treasury (What treasure? It’s all debt!), laughably demonstrated his idiocy by recently claiming US dollars are never used for illegal transactions.

Yes, he really said that.

Munchkin also claims cryptocurrency won’t exist in ten years, that is, if he has anything to do with it (LOL). Meanwhile, JPMorgan has been dealing cocaine, and most major banks are regularly caught money laundering.

I’m in Italy right now with my lovely wife, gladly spending some of our crypto gains, but I felt compelled to do a walk-and-talk video about these latest happenings.

Con-gress has admitted they are afraid decentralized cryptos will remove the Fed’s power… and they should be, because it's happening!

This is exciting, but one of the biggest questions or concerns I hear is, what if the State were to outlaw cryptocurrency?


So, let’s say President Cheeto actually signed an executive order tomorrow banning the purchase or possession of any amount of crypto.

With the market as large as it is currently, this would cause widespread unrest, a huge spike in unemployment, and most importantly, everyone would realize overnight that the USSA is done!

India, China, and Russia have also tried to ban cryptocurrency in various ways, mostly to no avail.

Like “gun control” and the so-called war on drugs, prohibition doesn’t stop people from getting what they want. It only drives costs up!

If the ruling elite can’t just scribble some words down on paper to stop us from challenging their monopoly on money, then, a lot of people wonder…

Would they dare go as far as to turn off the power? Sure, that would be a bad day for crypto, but it’d be disastrous for every industry (your ATMs wouldn’t work).


What if the powers that (shouldn’t) be somehow shut down our internet?

That would likely lead to a violent revolution… because millions of Xbox Live kids who’ve been cooped up in their mothers’ basements would get very angry, and my guess is, they’d mobilize to do something about it!

Seriously, aside from gamers, the crypto community has a lot of influential people on our side. Some are even in government, others are among the smartest minds on Earth.

We are the silent majority, and we are awake. In my new vlog, I cover all of this and more from the beautiful Isle of Capri.

I also discuss the massive uprisings taking place in Hong Kong and elsewhere. I even update you on why Mark Cuban is still a moron. He doesn't want Africans to resist their oppressors?

Watch the Full vlog:

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I feel that excitement. 10 years ago I used to be worried about my opinions be out in the open, now people ask me about them! The hundredth monkey is nearly upon us and the human consciousness is changing for the better 💯🐒

I do belive they will never admit to shutting down the internet if they ever decide to do it. Precicely because they know it will cause a riot.

They will fake an "act of god" - situation. Maybe a solar flare, cosmic radiation, or world war 3.......

The best way to hide something big is behind something bigger

I invite you to join the new free speech platform on Steem called @dollarvigilante - I sent you some Steem to get started. Cheers!

Great information! Great place to be in. Thank you Jeff.

Blockchain techonology and decentralized platforms like ProtonMail, Keybase, BitChute, Minds and others are the greatest fear of big tech! :D

Thanks for the valuable content @dollarvigilante,

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