DLUX SMT and ICO Announcement

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Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences | Initial Coin Offering (DLUX)

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dlux.io is an integrated VR and AR hosting platform using the STEEM social blockchain. dlux is capable of hosting any dApps that can run in browser.

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dlux is currently in beta as we add features. dlux is a first of it's kind platform that utilizes the bennifits of blockchain to solve the problems of VR content discovery and monetization.

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This ICO is intended to fund a community driven voting fund that can self-incentivize new features, maintenance and monetarily encourage content creation and engagement without ads. Funds will be held by @dlux-io to establish this upvote bot that can reward new content, our code maintainers and contributors, marketing, and for overhead. The vote bot runs at the direction of the engaged crowd in a transparent and auditable way.

Participate here or simply send STEEM to @robotolux.

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STEEM account holders can utilize our public web-based IDE to craft VR experiences NOW.

Use Cases

Selected use cases:


A mural is painted and a QR code displays the story and information as well as a vote button. 1% DLUXIO is earmarked for a global public arts program.


Bicycles and scooters can be rented for an upvote or micropayment. 1% of DLUXIO is earmarked for a personal mobility program.


Fix a sidewalk or trim a local tree. If anybody appreciates your work they can incentivize you to continue. 1% of DLUXIO is earmarked for an infrastructure program.

VR Classrom

Visit a new way to incentivize education in virtual reality. Award people who can effectively educate you. 1% of DLUXIO is earmarked for decentralized science.

VR Concert

Host a DJ set for your friends around the globe. Interact in real time.

Tip Cards

Have a card you can leave at the table so people can tip you for your service.


Chess board in park can become AR marker, allowing you to play chess with somebody at a park or chess board around the world.


Paper menu has qr code and menu items, can be ordered and paid for via app.

We believe all essential services can be provided through use of this protocol in a purely voluntary manner.

Software Roadmap

Regardless of funding, these are the developement goals:

  • September 1st: Open beta of AR feature set
  • October 15th: Web-based IDE enhancements
  • By November: Integrate all external dependencies under dlux.io umbrella

ICO Roadmap

  • October 1st-October 31st: Public ICO 20% [1]
  • October: Coordinate a global networked AR/VR marketing and steem on-boarding campaign
  • November 1st-March 8th: 0.3125% daily [2]
  • January 15th: SMT Public Testnet
  • March 8-20th: Finalizing SMT Launch distribution
  • March 24: DLUX SMT Go Live
    Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 2.35.56 PM.png


  • .1% friends and family

  • 20% first uncapped ICO pool | wait weighted

  • 40% 128 daily uncapped pools | wait weighted

  • 1% Public Art Endowment

  • 1% Personal Mobility Endowment

  • 1% SMG Community for teaching artist how to use media

  • 1% Infrastructure Program

  • 1% Decentralized Science Endowment

  • 1% cofounder @disregardfiat

  • 1% cofounder @markegiles

  • Remaining for network growth (new users) and incentives. Not voting or loaning.

[1] Public ICO

  • 20% allocation = 20,000,000 DLUXIO
  • Uncapped
  • October 1 - October 31
  • Wait Weighted *

[2] Daily micro-offerings

  • 0.3125% daily allocation x 128 days = 40,000,000 DLUXIO
  • Uncapped
  • November 1 - March 8
  • Wait Weighted *

* Wait Weighted:


WeightedAmount = PurchaseAmount*(Math.sqrt(Math.pow((BHf - BHo), 2)-Math.pow((BHo+BHb), 2)))/2 + 1/2

Where BH is Blockheight(time), o is initial, f is final, and b Purchase block.

In most uncapped rounds all investment activity is at the beginning and end. This gradual acceleration toward 50% ensures that there is always an incentive to purchase now for community price discovery, but also to encourage further investment as your share to investment ratio grows with each additional bid. We couldn't think of a fairer way to incentivize participation. There are no GAS prices or ways to censor other bids on STEEM.

Proof of concept and dual marketing campaign

Soon we will host an AR contest will be held on STEEM/dlux. People can develop 3d assets, games, art or programs that are cool and interesting. They can publish their submissions to #dluxarcontest from which winners recieve 10,000 DLUXIO from the incentive pool. Our goal is to have all winners in Los Angeles to present their creations live in a gallery. This art show of course is decentralized and with nothing more than a standard printer can be replicated around the world... and users of some programs will be able to interact in real time with others.
Onboard User experience:
Scans QR code that loads a steem wallet key generation tool. They are guided through username selection, and instructed to take screen captures. They may or maynot provide a recovery email address. Then their public key is shown to the Steemian responsible for the local onboard/art installation(recovery email also passed).

Now they can log in with a copied passcode and their username and save their key to their browser. The app then looks for AR markers and displays a vote botton and winning AR art and experience appropriately as they walk thru the gallery.

Steemian experience: sufficiently high rep account posts that a global pop-up is coming to their neighborhood. They advertise however they like(but hopefully we can generate enough press at ICO along with opening here in Los Angeles with social influencers that other people will be looking for the galleries in their neighborhoods) and then they get paid the account creation fee +10% to correctly incentivize account creation with hopefully enough transparent and auditable attention to onboard without "Sybil".

Reason's for DLUX SMT

  • Better distribute tokens to effect social good
  • Content monetization in perpetuity
  • DRM
  • Gamification and social wellness incentives

DLUX SMT information

  • Inflation: 5%APY
    • content creation is rewarded over holding
    • fee-less transactions
    • incentivizes social good by bringing blockchain to reality
  • Total starting supply: 100,000,000
  • Distribution:
    • Friends and Family 0.1%
    • Initial Offering 20%
    • Subsequent 128 daily Micro-offerings of 0.3125% totaling 40%
    • Founders to receive 1% each.
    • Rest will be distributed on a fixed cost basis to new users of the platform. Equitable distribution is the aim.

SMT Whitepaper Abstract

Steem’s Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) give anyone the power to launch and sell Proof-of Brain tokens, which are tokens distributed by “upvote” and “like”-based algorithms
and can be integrated with websites to align incentives and spur growth, while websites are
empowered to adopt sustainable, currency-centric revenue models. This model has been
tested and continues to be proven by steemit.com, busy.org, chainbb.com, dsound.audio,
dtube.video and other Steem interfaces, which are monetizing content, tokens and media
in a way never before seen.
Several popular token protocols, such as Ethereum’s ERC-20, allow you to create and
launch arbitrary tokens, but no protocol enables content businesses to leverage those tokens
by aligning incentives between users and applications. Due to suboptimal transaction
cost structures that incur fees for basic actions such as voting or posting, misalignment
of interests between meta and core tokens that aren’t built for influencing distributions
based on Proof-of-Brain, private key hierarchies that don’t cater to social versus financial
operations, and slow transaction speeds that are out of sync with real-time websites - none
of these protocols could ever provide an acceptable user experience for content websites,
such as Twitter, Reddit (even subreddits) or The New York Times.
For content websites and tokens, incentive alignment between websites and users comes
from a steady, as well as decentralized and mathematically guaranteed, release of new
tokens, and incentives that must be allocated to the users - including bloggers, vloggers,
commenters and curators. The distribution of new tokens occurs based on stake-weighted
voting to prevent gaming and eliminate the need for a counterparty. Quality user experience
comes from tokens that can be transacted safely (through separate private keys for
distinct sets of actions), without fees, and at real-time speeds.

SMT Whitepaper

More Information


  • Donators are explicitly funding a voting algorithm on steem
  • Donators will be allocted SMT tokens based on open algorithms which can be tracked at dlux.io/ico
  • ALL dlux intelectual property is licenced as MIT or CCBY.
  • DLUX SMT may have NO VALUE
  • Proceeds will be utilized for purposes stated at the discretion of keyholders
  • THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISION. While we do not believe these tokens constitute a security US Citizens(and all humans) are reminded donators carry ALL RISK.

The account @robotlux doesn't exist. How do we participate in the ICO?

it should be @robotolux the same account from the ico portal at dlux.io/ico and the same one that builds the dlux.io frontpage

You got a 24.60% upvote from @booster courtesy of @dlux-io!


You can earn a passive income from our service by delegating your stake in SteemPower to @booster. We'll be sharing 100% Liquid tokens automatically between all our delegators every time a wallet has accumulated 1K STEEM or SBD.
Quick Delegation: 1000| 2500 | 5000 | 10000 | 20000 | 50000

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Interesting, this enables rewarding activity in real world, in real time, as I always envisioned as final state for Steem.

Resteemed after talking a bit more with one of the founders.

First of all, great idea to allow participating to ICO through delegation, this is something I hope to see a lot more in the future. That alone makes me want to buy more Steem to power up! This is something we should encourage.

Second, this concept is amazing. Imagine world where upvotes could be used for anything. Visit a museum, but instead of paying one expensive ticket, you could just upvote paintings that you actually want to see. Or just pay for coca cola from ATM with your upvote or pay for some cool artwork from another Steemian at Steemfest!

That would make me want to hold a lot more SP than I do now, how about you?

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