No more SBD?

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

Hi Steemit


I haven't received any SBD for a few weeks now, I got only SP and Steem. Anyone know why? Maybe i am missing something

The price is getting above 1 dollar again

Thank you

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SBD TOTAL SUPPLY - 15,511,041
STEEM TOTAL SUPPLY - 292,090,882
SBD TS / STEEM TS = 0.053
That means SBD Total Supply equals to 5.31% of STEEM Total Supply!
So, in HardFork 19 it has a constrain:
If SBD Total Supply is less than 2% of STEEM Total Supply, all print in SBD!
If SBD Total Supply is greater than 5% of STEEM Total Supply, all print in STEEM!
Until SBD Total Supply becomes less than 5% of STEEM Total Supply, SBD will not print again!



thank you theguruasia, very good explanation


Thanks for explaining this. Figured it had something to do with the low steem price.

I think that you get SBD only when STEEM price is is higher than SBD - true until recently.

SBD got as high as 10% higher and now about 3.4% higher than STEEM.

I have noticed this a week or two ago and changed my selection to 100% powerup since there is no SBD payout anyway.

It might be a good time to trade SBD for steem - I should have traded more when it was 10% higher @1.109 STEEM / SBD.

Perhaps there will be another chance to get STEEM before STEEM goes back up about the price of SBD.


thank you freedomshift, yes i think that is why, maybe they trying to make Steem higher than SBD

He writes a lot about the mechanics of the blockchain- great read and short too!


thank you for the link hotsauceislethal

I don't know the answer man but i prefer get steem and sp because are the same coin and you don't have to divide your reward in 3 things. Regards


thank you dim753, yes it should be the same, and Steem can be sold or make as Power up

Yes! It’s demand and supply rule. The advice given to me was to power up during this time!



thank you kaminchan, yes Steem is lower than SBD, so better to load up on Steem

Hello @djohan, I don't mind why SBD removed from our payouts. I believe in future SP more valuable than both Steem and SBD's. Everyone received only steem and SP within few weeks.


thank you madushanka, yes Steem more useful as can be used to power up

Few months ago only sbd was receiving and now only steem is receiving .


thank you spiritualpower, yes must be because of the current price

Same thing happening with me . But I can't understand it .


thank you pardeepkumar, i think because Steem is lower price than SBD now

Right now payouts are only coming in steem due to the printing rate of backing it up to the peg near to the dollar mark


thank you blazing, after reading all the comments, i now understand. Yes SBD is pegged to 1 dollar and Steem was under 1 dollar

I also received only steem


thank you anikearn, i think we will get SBD soon as Steem is almost back up over 1 dollar again

Same is happening to me as well.
Maybe it's the way this works.
@theguruasia had given a good explanation. Thank you


thank you wa2qr, yes now i understand after reading all comments

I was going to do my best to explain it, but it seems that you already have a number of good explanations. It's strange not getting SBD rewards, but it means it's easier to just power it up and not even think about conversion rates.


thank you themanwithnoname, yes after reading all comments i think it's because steem is under 1 dollar last few weeks and SBD is 1 dollar pegged


That's a part of it. The lower the price of Steem goes, the higher percentage the SBD in circulation becomes as compared to the value of Steem in circulation. Once SBD valuation gets above 5% of the value of Steem in circulation, then SBD stops getting printed. They will change it in Hardfork 20 to have the limit be 10%, but it will start decreasing at 9% (I believe). Hopefully that helps.

Same for me. I had wondered why as well.

Yes because it depends upon STEEM/SBD debt and there is a ratio based on that SBD will be printed or not. Further HF 20 is coming, there will be some more changes like 30 min curation will be reduced to 15 min curation.

Thank you and Have a great day.

dragosroua posted about it you can check his post out