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Traders, certain information has come to my attention that is causing me grave concerns and i feel it is my duty to warn each and every one of you.

We all know the scaling drama has caused a huge rift, resulting in bitcoin forking into the soon to be "Bitcoin Cash".

I know many have large holdings and savings in bitcoin, and are 'holders' and will never sell, so when the selling starts, you may lose everything if you don't also sell.

Gentlemen, this is certainty not going to be gentlemen.

Certain information has come to light from back room channels, sources i cannot disclose ~ even writing this post will probably reveal my source - but i feel by gods will, I must warn you all.

Selling is coming. Selling the likes of which hasn't been seen since MtGox era.
Already as i type this, battleships of bitcoin are being shorted on all major exchanges.

Gentlemen, The enemy, the big blockers, have colluded and joined forces. The Chinese, Jihan & co have put together a plan to replace bitcoin with bitcoin cash.

The plan goes like this:
Chinese miners (f2pool, antpool etc etc) have organised with major exchanges (via/huobi/okcoin etc) to support and launch bitcoin cash.
Initially they will let everyone who wants to sell, sell.
Once the coin has bottomed out, and everyone who wanted to sell has sold, they [chinese miners/jihad/chinese exchanges] will begin accumulating lots and lots of bitcoin cash.
They will then begin to pump the price to around 0.1 BCC/BTC - 10%
The big pools won't mine it ~ they will let the smaller pools see the returns from mining this expensive, but low difficulty coin and start mining it.
Later, the larger pools will join, and as we know, jihad has ALOT of hashing power, their plan is for bitcoin cash to have more hashing power than bitcoin ~ and lets be honest, once t he chinese move over, that is pretty much it.
Around this time, the 'hard fork' section of segwit 2x is not going to happen ~ it never was - Bitcoin cash will then be seen as the original NYA coin..
At that point in time, Bitcoin cash will be on all major chinese exchanges, possibly some western exchanges aswell, and have majority hashing power. Western companies & other merchant providers (BitPay - @Spair) etc - paid off by bitmain etc will go along with the new bitcoin cash narrative and will push for the 'bitcoin cash' to be called 'bitcoin' on all their platforms, leaving only coinbase et all which will then be the odd ones out..

Now comes the scary part, The old bitcoin, the bitcoin we know and love, is going to get DESTROYED.
What determines a coins success ? It's market cap.
Big old school blockers and miners are going to dump bitcoin back to the bottom, they will take literally billions and billions of dollars out of bitcoin. They will use the money to fund the marketing, and development, or 'bitcoin cash' - Think, Bitcoin core - FIRED. Think - forbes article, "why bitcoin miners and companies are moving to bitcoin cash" - think - "Why the market is chosing bitcoin cash as bitcoin not bitcoin core" - They wil lsay the market has spoken, that people have voted with their money.

Right now, massive huge shorts are being built, already on finex, shorts are at 32k - not seen since $200 these kinds of numbers of shorts, and its climbing, all the t ime, consistently, they have ALOT of coins to short.

The most painful kind of selling, is where it never bounces and if you remember MtGox from $1000 to $70, you'll remember what no bounces feels like ~ and I can tell you. This won't be any better.

Good luck all, remember - fair warning.

Below is I grabbed, i also have some slack and telegram logs, I will sort them out later when i get back, i just want to confirm what I can safely disclose first for my own protection.




My Suggestion is, for now hold equal value in BCC, If you Sold it get back in. The Flippining has begun. Things are getting crazy, Transactions are hung up. Things are at a stand still. Fees are through the roof. Mining on the BCC chain is more profitable. So why would miners mine on the old chain? As more miners leave, less miners to process the transactions. We will all be headed for a bit of a lose. BTX2 BitCore is faster and better then BitcoinCash but switching would take all of the money that people have invested in mining using ASIC out of the game and put control in others. A Transfer of power. Who will be running this game? Most likely the Etherium miners. They have the GPU mining power. As Etherium equipment becomes obsolete as it moves to proof of stake. The miners will switch to BitCore & Bitcoin Gold. Diversify your holdings.

Damn, this could spell the end as we know it! :o you predicted right about a lot and did so on Steem so the date is indisputable. Thank you.

divyang101 did not write this post. As pviswamo86 mentions below, this was originally posted July 30th at

This post is a rip off from the pastebin article that was posted on July 30th - This is plagiarism and you should give rightful credits to the source instead of passing it off as your own.

Yes, you appear to be correct. It looks like divyang101 is using this post to drive people to bitconnect.

Hi. I am a human. I'm about to upvote you. For those following along at home don't forget to diversify. And never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Interesting post, talking about the fork, what do you see the benefit of BTG will be if btc is said to collapse for bcc?

i don't think BCC or BTC can't collapse.
check this post it will sure help you

I was thinking of this to be the case. I am familiar with what is happening in China, Jihan and Rodger Ver. This is the plan. It is important to keep your BCH but no one is listening to me.

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Hi your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
am from China, Beijing.
hope can get your early response discuss about this.
Thank you so much for your sharing.