I have buy some VeChain! It will be moon soon!

Thanks for this INFO.

My God there are so many . I need easier way to diversify

Good question but if I knew the answer I’d be Warren Buffet! 😜👍💰

'When there is blood in the streets buy....' not as applicable to the crypto world....

It might be! We have not seen a financial meltdown during crypto's time. It will happen and it will be interesting to see how they hold up.

Warren Buffet admits he knows nothing about the crypto space, then follows up by hammering it:
We all need to keep learning and not be followers of any leader.

MAYBE I should have made myself clear. If I was the warren buffet of crypto. Just like the fake news believers they here what they want to here

I’d hold onto SBD and convert when Steem drops.

How do you convert STEEM to SBD ?

You can do in the internal market on steemit platform

go in your wallet and convert

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best way i think

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? @jimjam1210
So I should keep the SBD?

Ahh good call

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i'm also studying on which cryptos worth to hold and i write about them

cryptos R the best

hahaha no-one really! whales watching everywhere

so true! they are lurking everywhere lols

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Whales are a widely distributed and diverse group of fully aquatic placental marine mammals. They are an informal grouping within the infraorder Cetacea, usually excluding dolphins and porpoises 😉

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you try so hard dude ))

like really....he does

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Completely agree. It’s like someone who has to tell and convince others that their a genius. ;)

best is when ppl say vote me back and they didn't even vote hahaha

Well, there are whales that are trying to correct it down to $1, so that doesn't bode well, but who knows.

Whales always f*ck things up. Just like Suits.

New in steemit, help me

Hehe me too!)

Me too ;)

If you all need help let me know

just take you time guys ! and welcome!

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help yourself, bring something to the party.

good idea

ADA Cardano Prepare for Bullish Rocket

Great analysis.

thanks fproductions

To the 🚀💯#pluto

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is in the name "steemit" ;)

convert it to steem, steem itself start to rise on the crypto market

seems like conversion will be a better option

Steem also can reach 30 usd before the end of 2018

I think holding to SBD will make more sense this time

What Exchange do you guys/gals use to buy SBD?

Nice post

Coin of this month EOS. 30 jan will be fun.

The release of dawn 3.0 will certainly cause attention.

Good to know! Thanks!

You're welcome :) It's the reason why it's pumping already, people are getting in beforehand ;)

Buy the rumor, sell the news?

EOS looks like a sleeper. I'm holding on to Litecoin and Ripple this month.

Keep calm and hodl your coins!

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Schermafbeelding 2018-01-12 om 15.23.12.png

, check:

In my opinion, I really dont like Tron, it had such an unhealthy growth. Their CEO posts all sorts of hype messages on twitter. No real announcements, he doesn't act professional although he should be while his token once had 18billion market cap. It might have a future but it was definetely overpriced!

Reddcoin I like, it can also be an enormous gamechanger in the social media world. It could get big, for sure. agree on that.

Vechain I am very bullish on! They seem very professional. They have a very strong team. Vechain has a very big reach in asia and a great network. The project it self is going to help a lot of businesses. definetely a great buy for now. They also have partnership announcements this month. AND they are going to have a rebranding this month, not just their name but also their whole economic platform structure. I suspect a lot of movement for Vechain the coming months.

Dont know much about the rest. Check out my top 3 altcoins aswell, and tell me what you think about it!

Very accurate and useful information!

Do you think str has a future?

I'm not the OP, but I think Stellar has good tech and a good future. It certainly is popular among crypto investors, whatever that's good for.

Definitely, yes. They are doing more and more token launches on their network.

That will increase the value of XLM (Stellar) exactly like it did with ETH (Ethereum)

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I hold Stellar (XLM) and think that they also have a solid team.

Thanks for posting this. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on Lumens.

also overbought, these coins are waaay too exposed and too many whales at play. you want to be looking at things like loopring, Game (GTC), Bancor, Nuls

interesting. thanks for replying!

Do you know how to read a chart? XLM just went up 20% this morning. I think it is a solid coin to trade. To each his/her/its own.

so you think a coin with a 10 billion supply is worth $0.5 how do you justify that based on an uptick?

Also investing in Lumens, let's hope it makes another jump

It just did!

any idea about xvg and dgb?

Same Question:) I really wonder what level XVG's wraith wil be:)

I would avoid XVG. The plagiarism issue with the white paper is a real thing. Sketchy ICO's and the teams behind them will get sniffed out here in 2018.

Yeah, I think xvg will be good for about a dollar, then I don't see it going anywhere as you mentioned with the plagiarism issue...

Dgb my friend ...dgb

DGB to the moon..yay!!! :) ETN also..:)

With the wraith protocol for XVG I think future (short-term) is bright... looking to dump around a dollar maybe slightly higher, and as far as DGB goes.. I'm a HODL for a while, bullish fractals in the near future

Good post!

Good post!!!

what make you think about these 5?

From these five I have only heard about Reddcoin before.

I have 3 of your 5. Not too shabby! I outta just get the other two so we're on the exact same page! Ha Thanks for this post and great video. Happy crypto hunting!

ummm steem??

When we were all trading in and out of Reddcoin on the Cryptsy exchange never did we think the coin would live this long. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Its crypto blackfriday today, we have:

Bitcoin 3,95% off
Ripple 17,48% off
Cardano 15,01% off
Tron 24,14% off
Steem 11,86% off

I’d be careful with Ripple, TRON and Cardano. At some point they won’t be going back up after a crash...


So wish I ditched XRP @ $3 !!!!

Got in @.40 out at 2.90! Still really like future of XRP but that was my best holiday move.

It will hit $3 dollars again, don't u worry

Could you elaborate on why?

elliot waves indicate bullish fractals for XRP in the near short term

why you would say that? base on what?

This. None of them have a working project, google "Vaporware". you can lump in verge and several others.

:D :D :D lol* . Thanks bro. Made my day^^!

Tron is on my list that's forsure! Reddcoin I've been following for awhile now, expect it to rise in price soon..

Interesting list, I need to check these coins out with exception of Reddcoin.
Thanks for sharing.

@dineroconopcion, thanks for your post. I think Steem will gain traction in 2018. Lbry is likely to do better too. From ypie list, I think Reddcoin will see some significant boost in spread.

Providing insight into newer coins is very rewarding if you get there on the right time, I think me and you are on the same boat, I posted an Article two days ago that covers some of the coins you have mentioned above including their ICO history, I am glad my coin mentions where also covered by a well known profile :) Would love your opinion and thank you for the video.

RDD TRON for me

Yes tron it is 4 me too

ArtByte looks interesting! Thanks for the heads up!

Panic sell still goinon Strong's in cheap rate let's buy n hold them n make some good profit out of it

Fake news on Altcoins.

Burst should be in that top 5

I agree. It has very solid security futures and is fast. It is also Green (Ecological). Definitely looking good in the long-term. Btw first post on Steem!

Smart man and welcome to Steem! Have an upvote! 😜

Thank you! :D I got a lot to learn when it comes to alt coins and especially Steem! Just sharing what I know (again which is next to nothing when it comes to Steem). BTW Love the Avatar LOL!

you think? I like Burst but I cant stand the guy thats behind that.. I forget his name but he looks like a real shady scam artist..

You’re thinking of Adam Gueberez (or something like that) he is no longer associated with the coin. He had a falling out with the developers of the Dymaxion update the PoCC is implementing. We’re going to the moon bois! Grab a bag and strap in!

Burst defo looks decent for mining just now.. I cant get sia or storj to fucking work either. I'll chuck some terabytes at it and see where we go.

You made the right choice! 😜

Wow, how get this post 1559 votes/961.98 USD? That's impressive!!!

I've taken time to look at these coins and sure they hold promise. Anything can happen in the Crypto world.. Will be watching !!!

That is you don't want to get ahead of yourself and buy those currencies immediately. First see what the teritory is like

Sure bro !

Any thoughts on PRL, COSS, BNTY, and APPC? I think at least one of the above should have made your list and am curious what you dislike about these coins.

I disagree with Reddcoin - it was supposed to be a tipping coin with teh ablity to tip on twitter, facebook etc, and they never developed the tools.

Lisk will go to moon in feb♥

lisk will reach 125 by end of the year.

what do you guys think of nebulas

Please, give cryptocurrency and altcoins statistics.

Lets test it out why not lol


loving eos right now. it's down right now, but it's going to come back up like a boomerang

this. and neo

I really hope that the steem will rise to the moon 😀

how about Verge Coin ? people's said verge coin it's ETHERIUM JAPAN.

See you at the ATM - Spot on!!

I like VeChain a lot. It has some real-world applications that I think will translate into good value.