AirCoins - Collect crypto coins just like kids collects Pokemons

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A new way to drive cryptocurrencies forward and contributes to mainstream adoption. Aircoins is the biggest cryptocurrency augmented reality platform. Find, collect, share and trade crypto coins. They have already gathered over 12 crypto projects.

Just like Bitcoin,  the king of all cryptocurrencies were 1 cent a decay ago, and trades for $6700 today, so what will they be worth in a year or two?

I think this is a great way to expand awareness of cryptocurrencies, collect them, trade them into Fiat money and cash it out if you like. Or hodl and see what value they will have next year.

So why do they give out free money? You might have heard of Airdrop, its the same marketing strategy, as you collect them you might go to their website and learn of their project, what they are trying to accomplish or you have to figure out how to trade them, and this way you will learn of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it's just an awesome idea!

I have collected so far 12 different cryptos, roughly about an hour of hunting gave me tokens for about $3.

Visit their website for more info:

Join their telegram group:

You can download the app from:

Please resteem and share the awareness and contribute to mainstream adoption.


Kristiansand, Norway

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