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RE: Scottish rehabilitation center treats cryptocurrency addiction / Why the high power consumption of Bitcoin is probably not a problem for the environment

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in addition to your point @dracosalieri

According to my experience,

  1. Crypto came with so much of innovation and a lots of new stuff that ppl who loved it wanted to know more and more n more about it, indeed for that ppl spent a lot of time. Which might look addicted to non-crypto guys

  2. Whole crypto world was so dynamic that investors had an expectation to grow fast as well save them self’s from sudden falls so that’s the reason ppl were more concerns and did check the market quite frequently, . Which might look addicted to non-crypto guys

  3. It is not like traditional market, best part of it is that its 24x7x365 so yes ppl does the activities related to crypto as per their time n comfort and . Which might look addicted to non-crypto guys


You make really good points. For the uninformed, it certainly may look like an addiction. But then I would say that those same points could be pointed at commodities like Gold and Silver... I think that there are currently a lot of people who trade Crypto on a day to day basis and the patterns might seem addicting but is it any different from any other market? I might argue that Binary options traders are addicted, but for them, it may be an income like any other.

I think it would be more honest to say that people are addicted to money, not cryptocurrency...

hahah very true ppl are addicted to money ! and we can easily find it .. So after fuss was started when BTC gained the $ value ;-)

I totally agree with you, I didn't read the comments before stating my opinion. I apologize for that, but that is exactly my opinion. If they are going to take gambling addiction and add so many niches under that than the list will be never-ending. I love to shoot dice, bet on boxing and basketball and now I am a crypto addict lol.. I would just say I am a gambler. I also love to shop, however none of thesethings have ruined my life in a way that would classify me as a typical "addict". I would never spend my last or go rob a bank to buy BTC hahahha.

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