A totally free world: the decentralization of cryptocurrencies

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Good evening, good morning or good afternoon everyone here in Yours lately I have given to investigate a little about the world of cryptocurrencies since my knowledge about it is a bit limited and I wanted to learn more about it.

####So I bring this little topic to you to hear your opinions about it and so get on this extensive world of cryptocurrencies.

So without anything else to write start with the post: D

For what little and researched on the web about cryptocurrencies and its large and extensive world I was very clear about the following:

The cryptocurrencies and blockchain are, in essence, distributed and decentralized technologies. Yes, banks and companies around the world have been determined to develop their own centralized blockchains to feed the false centralization-security binomial. But the truth is that the revolution that involves blockchain is not reduced to a distributed database; it is a decentralized technology, any type of centralization distorts it or limits its possibilities.

In my opinion as is the case of the "cryptocurrency" of my country called "EL PETRO" which is presented as a cryptocurrency "Decentralized" however is backed by the riches of gold, oil and diamonds or that's what the government, but if it is a "dencentralized" currency as they claim, why does it have to be backed by the country's natural resources? thing that I still do not understand

Centralization vs. decentralization

The limits of centralization are also clearly observed in the normative field. Well-intentioned or by tax greed, justifying itself in consumer protection and crime reduction, more and more countries are imposing regulations for the cryptocurrency trade, as is the case in Venezuela where, according to rumors, a license must be acquired by a government institution to mine cryptocurrencies without inflicting the law and thus avoid an arrest. And by ignoring this nascent ecosystem in depth, they have often imposed awkward and inadequate controls on technology, only because of the rush to send the cryptocurrency businesses through the centralizing screen of regulations.

Just as a tree can become a forest if it is sown in a free and wide field, the flowering of cryptocurrency businesses, as exchange houses, has helped them to grow the normative anomie or laxity of different countries. Where they have not tried to control and centralize them, fertile markets have been born. On the contrary, excessive and unjust regulations have produced exodus of companies, leaving behind apparently seemingly shriveled markets, but which in reality have led to the flowering of underground markets, hidden from the regulating eye, untouchable by the centralizing hand.

As far as you can see, decentralization is imminent. The borders between countries become increasingly porous, the tools are increasingly global, and centralizing regulations in a decentralized ecosystem is, at least, complicated. It is becoming increasingly clear that even with the most aggressive regulations, there will be little exodus of money exchange houses because they will be dispensable. Perhaps they remain as a resource for those who remain in the illusion of the false binomial centralization-security.

With regulations or without regulations, in an open or secret way, those who want to trade cryptocurrencies will trade cryptocurrencies. This is the freedom that decentralization confers. They can close physical exchange houses but, how to enforce regulations in the case of digital ones? Moreover, how to regulate peer exchange markets? Anyone who trades in Localbitcoins will have to be a certified investor? Will they exclude from investing, as in traditional markets, those who are not rich enough and we will forget forever to democratize finances?

Although regulation will be inevitable, and may in some cases be favorable to level the land on which the technology will be planted, the very nature of blockchain may end up making these efforts obsolete by moving to cryptocurrencies through the centralizing sieve.

The nature of cryptocurrencies is to distribute and decentralize. If you try to make them grow inside boxes, bonsais will be obtained, or the abundant branches of this technology will end up breaking their walls, like a tree whose roots penetrate the pipes of the adjacent building. With the development of blockchain, with regulations or without regulations, everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post if you liked it you can help me by giving me a hand up will help me a lot

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