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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

Thanks for posting. I remember we posted back and forth last summer. I actually have really been into dash as well and reading everything on it. They are good marketers, especially to newbies but that's important.

But why are you worried they are trying to make money from their invention. I think the core philosophy of master node makes sense. They should only vote for things that will help the network. Having 18k tied up in a masternode would not make sense to give. 100k contract to a friend unless you thought it would make your masternode worth more. It seems there incentives are aligned no matter how concentrated ownership is. Marketing is the best use of block rewards to get the price higher. ATM are maybe not a great investment but they are great marketing. Put them in a video, it's very visual.

I want to hear more about these concerns but I guess I am ok as long as incentives are aligned and it does seem they are aligned.