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in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

Just hanging out in my car for my morning coffee and joint and I wanted to share some ways beyond steemit.com and the other obvious ones to earn some crypto and stack those portfolios! 😬

From Treasury systems like vote.smartcash.cc to trading we cover some ways to get the portfolio up without having tons of money to invest into crypto...

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😁 😁 😁 true that, true talk man, is it possible smartcash can build another social media that works on there blockchain (lol just saying) or rewards users who post on forums - Just idea box

Thanks for this @decentralizd. This was a very helpful overview of the crypto for someone new to all this. 😊

I'm pretty sure that Trading is not for me. I don't have the time or interest to be on it all every day or to learn enough to do this well. I am also pretty risk averse and, sadly, am not at a point in my life where I can risk much cash. We are heading towards retirement!

In terms of selling something. I'm not sure about that. I don't think I have any useful skills relevant to the crypto space. But I was interested in the fact that you said choose "low cap coins". I have no idea what market cap is and have wondered about that so that might be a good place to start my education. Do you have suggestions of where would be a good place to start with and understand that?

I am also interested in learning more about Treasury Models. I have a few Smartcash that I was given and came across your other video about your giveaway. I can simply Google "Treasury Models" of course, but other than that do you ave any recommendations of where to start with this.

I keep thinking about buying more Smartcash but to someone who's completely new to all this it's hard to find information that I can understand.

I was hoping that there was going to be someone I could talk to at the upcoming Crypto Show in London but I can't even find out if anyone from Smartcash is going to be there. I have posted three times in three different Discord channels but no-one has responded. 😢

It's good to be reminded that these things take time and that you spend a year researching before you really got into it. I think I expect too much of myself at times and expect to be able to understand what people are talking about in this arena when I am still very new to it.

Tell you friends I am definitely doing. Over Easter I got five people interested in signing up to Steemit and to all buying £1000 worth of Steem which is way more than I hold! They haven't actually done it yet though but I'm pretty sure the will eventually. 😁

Thanks again for you help and I look forward to your next video!

Good thoughts on earning cryptos. I will explore the stands at a business fair.

Hi @decentralizd
Excellent article. I subscribed to your blog.
I will be grateful if you subscribe to my blog @dreladred
Good luck to you!


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