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RE: EOS: WTF? / ICON - Hyperconnect the World - Coin Presentation

I am a horticulturist who wants to plants billions of trees on degraded farm land to help fix global warming - I would like to launch a Dapp on Eos to raise money to make this possible and I need people who can help me create a business plan and implement it. Each tree planted will remove half a tonne of Co2 from the atmosphere per year and of course some rare hard woods could also be included to use as timber products as part of the income stream. Carbon credits can be traded in some countries and that is also potential for income and I have costed stage one of the project at 12millions AUD. More money raised could expontentially increase the amount of projects running in a variety of countries. Please help if you have technical skills and can imagine how to fund this on the blockchain and provide benefits to investors.