Stan Larimer Answered My Questions LIVE on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis

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I was able to tune into @bluerocktalk's wonderful live stream last night. There I was able to get 2 of my questions that came to mind answered by the always knowledgable @stan. I will list both of my questions below with their respective answers. Both questions were asked by @daltono and answered by @stan


  1. If and when the US Dollar collapses, how will people who do not already have cryptocurrencies obtain crypto?
    Answer: Yes, I do believe the dollar will collapse eventually, although I cannot say when. I thought that it was going to collapse in 2008 however it did not. So no more guessing when for me, although I feel a collapse is in the future. When it collapses it will be far too late for those who have yet to buy crypto to purchase any. Sometime after, the Deep State/NWO will introduce a one world currency because the citizens of the United States will be literally starving for help so they will gladly accept their new roles as slaves. Most will not even know where to get food during this crisis. At that point in time the Amish will be some of the most powerful people in the country due to the fact that they are so self reliant and such strong farmers. After the collapse, if there were a wheel full of usd on the corner of the most busy street, people will be more likely to steal the wheel barrow than the usd at that point. It will be valueless paper, more likely to be used to keep a fire going rather than to purchase something such as crypto.


2. Can you tell me the relation between Puerto Rico and crypto, concerning tax breaks and rebuilding of Puerto Rico?
Answer: Puerto Rico is a beautiful island in the Caribbean, many big crypto names are setting up shop there already calling it Cryptopia (blog by : @jjjjosue). US citizens are taxed, no matter where they are living in the world. If they are for instance in France for 365 days doing absolutely nothing involved with the US the entire time, they will still be taxed by the US at the end of that year. Puerto Rico is one exception to this rule, more info on that here (blog by : @sean-king). Puerto Rico is a tax safe haven, although still not 100% immune. Many crypto investors and business owners are moving down there to receive the amazing tax benefits, especially those that are US citizens. Stan even added that he has considered making a move down there himself in the future. Of course making sure to live in a home that is capable of withstanding category 5 hurricane thrashings.



For the time being that is all of the questions that I had to ask. There will be another show in the future where you will get your own chance to ask @stan questions if you missed out on this one. Be sure to follow @bluerocktalk to stay updated on when that will be.
A special thanks to Connie & Stan, from your friend DolphinOatmeal.


Best Regards,


Be sure to check out my recent blog about my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico.


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Lol, great recollection of the show @daltono (dolphin Oatmeal!) 😁
I never realized Puerto Rico was the "happening" place. Learn something new everyday on Blue Rock Talk. You ARE a Blue Rocker and "in the know"! Thank you again, love your post!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖


Yes! I am always happy to tune into I one of your live shows Connie. I have gotten my questions answered 100% of the time. Meaning you do a wonderful job of keeping tabs on the chat.

I also wrote a post recently about my upcoming first visit to Puerto Rico in April, you may learn something about the island that may cause you to take a visit down there sometime :


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