The Road to 100 000 dollars! Week 7 : To infinity and beyond!

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

Welcome everyone

Our target is 100 000 dollars.

Last week's Portfolio

Total amount : 11 633 dollars!

enter image description here

Today's Portfolio

Total amount : 14 453 dollars!

enter image description here

enter image description here

I thought this was going to be a boring week like the last several weeks. I did not know what to write unless the same as last week. Waiting for another run down to retest the bottom and maybe even go lower. But then something happened I did not expect.
Our portfolio gained 24% since last week!

enter image description here

Thursday was a big day. Bitcoin rose. The altcoins rose.
I saw gains of 20 to 50%. More importantly , volume rose too!
In this downtrend volume was very low for some time. If we look at Bitcoin , we saw volumes under 4 billion dollars. Today we’re at 8 billion dollars. Almost reached 10 billion dollars! This is significant.
If this cryptocurrency market wants to leave the bear market behind and start a new trend up, we must see several things.
Higher highs , higher lows and increasing volume. We are seeing that now.

I see a lot of people are delighted with these turn of events. BUT this downtrend is not over yet. If we look at Bitcoin we saw a huge gain in price of a 1000 dollars in just a half an hour. Where did that money come from? We could explain this through several reasons. I read things like tax return day or Bitcoin being halal , exchanges manipulating the game , … it could be all of this and none. In the end it doesn’t matter. What matters is , is this run sustainable? We will find out sooner or later. Like always after every rise , a dip will follow. In this downtrend Bitcoin had several occasions where it rose but not soon after it got dumped. The question is , how low will the next dip go?
This time it could be different. We have positive signals like huge rising volumes and the overall attitude of investors is positive.
Basically anything could happen. Let’s find out.

In terms of my portfolio , I will not do anything at the moment. Investing when prices rise
20 , 30 or 40% will usually not be a good thing to do. Chances are when I invest now , prices will go down. This is normal after a significant rise.
If prices continue to go up , I could change my mind. But we are still in a downtrend. Do not forget it.
The pathway to retest the bottom or a lower low is still a real possibility.

I do want to share a feeling I felt during this rise. Regret. I still have a lot of cash and I felt regret that I did not buy when prices were lower. I felt the need to invest. Felt the need to throw my strategy of weekly analysis out the window.
But I didn’t. There will always be another dip. We will see next week.

I bought :

I sold :

Thank you for reading.
Any advice is much appreciated.
See you next week and thank you for your support!

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You're holding to much cash in my view


Yea, why so much cash?


I sold almost everything when bitcoin dropped from 20 000 to 6000 dollars. Now I'm slowly buying back in again.


I think so too. But if price goes down again , I will be glad I saved my cash. We will see.


Trying to precisely time the bottom of a market is dangerous.

Take a longer term view. If crypto market goes back upto £800bn, does it matter if you bought in at £200bn or £220bn?

The next peak will be £8trn in my view


Why do you have a -2 score? Lol


Got flagged multiple times by a whale for pointing out his posts were mostly BS


Man how unfair is that.
I don’t know about this platform 🤔


I am hoping the witnesses and @steemit wake up and do something about it. Otherwise their little utopia will just be their little utopia and everyone will move on to the next thing.

Once the crypto market picks up, people will start looking at other coins


No one can predict the future. Always have some cash to take up opportunity.

we all want 100 grand, brotha!

Hey d0zer! Excited to see your rise in crypto - and I'm intrigued to follow your journey to USD 100.000!

But may I ask you:

-Do you have a "deadline" for your coming achievement?
-When did you start out?
-Was USD 18927 what you started out with ?

Keep going strong! :D


I'm happy you enjoyed it!
I don't have a deadline. But I can wait for few years though. No problem.
I started out in Februari 2017. Prices were low back again. The total amount I invested is 6000 dollars.


It’s great to be part of something you know will grow big - but we have to be patient as there are many hiccups and problems between now and mainstream ! :)

How I wish this could materialize as easy as it sounds. Everyone has his eyes on that big amount. We strive to make the highest amount of money here on Steemit. Nevertheless, it takes extra energy, innovative mind as well as preparedness to achieve this goal. I have witnessed some individuals make extra amounts here and I believe it is possible to hit even beyond this target.

Wow 😮 congratulations!!!

cool post wish i could do the same but wish you luck upvoted and following all the best mate

Cryptos again jump over. Steem and sbd are skyrocking. I think this month is better for cyptos and next month is skyrocking for all cryptos.

I hope that you will have 100 000$ soon! :)
Keep going and never regret! :)

There were murmurings of prices being right for big investors. However, impossible to know how low btc will go, so regret not the cash. In fact, impossible really to say what btc will do, yet everyone predicting x amount in x years and all this.
As i write this, it looks like prices are surviving the 'sunday dip' which is great to see...some recovery holding. Hang on tight!

Spend some bitcoin! Invest in working products set to grow. eg. I like the investfeed platform, and Steem!

Hello d0zer,

First time seeing your portfolio. Impressive I have to say to build from $6k investement to now. I have to give you much credit for keeping in profits.
Following and upvoted.

I think BTC will retrace down further to about $7k by this Friday and may go up more today and tomorrow to follow its' usual pump up by Asians trading on Mondays.

gracias por la información de dar una actualización de la tendencia de las cryto ya que en ocasiones es tan volátil que se pierde la referencia del valor del mismo.

que bien , yo tengo muchas esperanzas

Wow amazing

what the dice giveth they can taketh away, replace dice with cryto, these are my thoughts.

Best of luck on the road to $100,000 dollars! Also, what are your thoughts on bitcoin cloud mining?


I have no knowledge about cloud mining. :)

That's a huge jump! I think this could be a stable amount. We were going down known stop pretty much for a month and buy orders are most likeliy getting hit right now.


I hope so. We will see what happens.

Well done d0zer! Hope you will achieve your goal in the near future.

What other projects you consider investing in?


I'm considering investing into EOS. This could be a future competitor of ETH.

Hey @d0zer, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Thank you Dozer for helping many of your followers here 😍💕

Interesante te seguiré, es bueno de las experiencia se aprende.

It's yet hard to tell if the next target is directly 10000 or it will get back to its recent logical target of 4500. I'm talking about btc. although you have to consider all the altcoins and the final target of bitcoin in a near future, 50000 dollars. lets see what happens...


I see volume is declining again. A new low is still possible.

This is very cool. Love seeing progress. Keep up the great work.

that is interesting .. jump is huge.. thanks for the information '


You're welcome.

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Hi @d0zer ,

how did you manage your risk/reward ?
did you put some stop loss or just holding ?


I'm a long term investor. I don't have stop losses. Just holding because I believe this market can grow more. A lot more.


tks for your anwser :) .