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RE: Steem vs USD. We are on our way to .85/USD! This could be the chance everyone has been waiting on to get some significant SP.

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

Its incedible that all the gains we've made are being washed away so quickly wow


Wow, you said it. Painful, even though I knew it was very likely. But like I said, this is just a huge opportunity that may not repeat itself.

Steemit is pure genius, it will be breaking loose of BTC soon enough.

I totally agree, its going to be a great opportunity. would love to put everything into steem power if it ever gets to $0.75, was going to start doing youtube until I found out about steemit and Just dont sell during the down side, its going to go WAY up over time.

You got it!

Like the tide, washing away, then surging back.

(But not the Tide pods, which can kill you. Or maybe...?)

I got an interesting email from a friend, you might appreciate what I wrote back. I posted it.

Interesting times we live in