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Why NEM might surprise you

NEM launched in 2016 with the goal of becoming a public and private blockchain, the best of both worlds. Unlike bitcoin and many others that use proof-of-work algorithm, in which rewards are based off hashing power, NEM created a proof-of-importance algorithm that rewards users based on their contributions to the community. The process of creating blocks is called “harvesting” where the block creator is rewarded a transaction fee.

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NEM is competing directly against Ethereum

Ethereum's more basic contracts are secure, however attempts at more complex contracts have created tricks and backdoors (security issues). This is where NEM gets interesting. NEM was built from scratch with security as top priority, NEM developers write and execute thousands of tests before every release, giving NEM the most secure blockckchain. NEM has been tested by many banks around the world.

NEM uses combinable functionalities capable of building more complicated and powerful application's based on atomic operation's . This will allow the network to create almost any technological combination thanks to its ( rest API )


Ethereum, right now can only process 15 TX/S, while NEM can process Over 4000 TX/S with the release of catapult, scheduled to be released at any time now. "Catapult is redefining the blockchain architecture landscape. It not only improves on the utility of the blockchain technology, but it also brings enterprise class design into the otherwise rigid and cumbersome blockchain solutions that we are used to." – Lon Wong, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech, and a core member of the NEM project.

The NEM development team, have stayed out of the spotlight while they are hard at work, developing what could be the biggest blockchain ever.

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I agree, I truly beleive in Nem. 2017 will be the year of nem!! I will be adding more to my stash thanks to your post!

I woudn't worry about the day to day swings to much. Just hold long term.

Great points, after a lot of research, nem is one of the few projects I'm buying and holding and I researched A LOT!!!! I just don't know where to store it yet.

I was excited anout Nem/XEM before the big pump in May, which I unfortunately missed out on because I had not yet entered the crypto world. I have a few hundred Nem now that I keep in the Nem wallet for iOS.

Hi there , you can download the nano wallet, if you have over 10,000 you can harvest for rewards. It's amazing!

Have you been keeping tabs on developments and know where things have progressed to since this time of this writing...?