Cryptocurrency forecast for the week to come 22.10.2017.


While there are many users and investors (including me) are preparing for the first fork, some news are coming out about which exchange and wallets do support bitcoin gold.

Yobit and Ladger nano S have indicated in their twitter that they will support it and the latter one has also indicated that is going to provide us with the necessary information.

Another way of finding out which exchange or site is going to support the coin (unofficially) is to go to the bitcoin gold site and right at the end of their page you can see several icons which belong to different companies.

Checking each one of them in google or in their site and you can find out if they do or don’t.

Bitcoin price.
There is no question that the price has grown fast and is breaking record nearly each day of the week.

But I believe, nearly everyone has forgotten the baseline price for bitcoin and after Segwit2x, is going to be, the same as, to see how far it falls and it cannot fall anymore and then we can assume the beginning of the new baseline price is there.

I read an article where the writer was saying that in some cases a small to middle class investor will buy as much coin as possible for now, as he or she knows that sooner or later they can’t afford the asking price to buy a lot of coins.

Well, I think this is happening now and we don’t have to go very far, as the price of bitcoin was around $400 at the beginning of this year.

The interesting thing is that the investments in other coins has increased too which in some cases outperform other major coins.

The odd thing is with dash as in the last forking was the only major coin which it behaved itself and even passed the price of ethereum and now, generally speaking is not doing as good as then.


Many news are indicating that for time being bitcoin will grow but not as much as before and it will stay around $6000 to $6300.

Many lessens must be learnt and modifications to our plans have to take place if we don’t want to lose a lot when this situation back fires.


Nice lessons man !

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