NavPi running great, Staking improved!

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First NavPi is the name for the Raspberry Pi solution to stake NavCoin.
NavCoin is cheap, fast, Eco-friendly and privacy focused.
My NavPi is more than 1 year running. I really like this currency with a great developers team and community.
The only bad thing about the NavPi is that it will use a lot of memory. I'm running it on a Raspberry Pi 3B with 1GB of RAM.

I think it has crashed about 3-5 times last year. Always because the memory.
The SWAP file on the SD card is not good enough to handle all those write/read power that's needed.
So at the beginning of this year i grabbed a few USB sticks and tested them with HD Tune for the fastest stick.

To use the USB stick as SWAP is easy and only a few minutes work:

You need to format the USB stick and make a SWAP file and active it.
The NavPi is now running more than a month stable.

memory navpi.PNG

You can see it almost use 1GB of the SWAP file. I made a 2GB SWAP file on my 16GB USB stick. I picked this stick because it was fast and lying around. 2GB is enough to do the trick.
I hope i can make a long stable run with the NavPi now. It gives nice stakes this year. When you place $100 of NavCoin these days you get about 3-4 stakes a month. The stakes i get now are 2 NavCoin each stake.

HD Tune:

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