Is a Raspberry Pi (Neblio) staking node profitable?

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I'm staking with Raspberry Pi's because it is not worth it to let my PC open 24/7 (because of the high power consumption).
Some Pi's where a present or i bought them very cheap like the Zero for €5 and a USB WiFi stick for €1.5.
Still is it profitable to run a node like this? So i made this overview with Neblio as example.
The amount of coins is also an example and not mine quantity. I hope to make a post about my staking Pi's on 1 January 2020 to give you an example how much all the coins stake(%) in a year.

So here is the part list i use for my Neblio Pi Zero.

zeroflatneb (Custom).png

PartPrice (€)
Pi Zero5
SD card (16GB)4.5
USB WiFi1.5

The power supply is a simple micro USB so i hope you have one lying around. You don't need to connect this Pi to a monitor or keyboard with this post ( ) that saves you money because you don't need a mini HDMI -> HDMI converter.

When we buy at this time (16 february 2019) 200 Neblio(€0.945) for €189 and we pick the €11 for the parts we run this staking machine for €200 total.

This calculator : gives us the prediction of staking a year.

staking neb.PNG

This is not 100% accurate so lets say that we get 20 Neblio in a year.
That's €0.945 x 20 = €18.90.
So with this small amount we can get the €11 back in a year. Need to mention: you don't know the price of 1 Neblio over a year. When it goes down you can have less, when it goes up you can have more :).

When we also check the power consumption:
1 Pi Zero takes 0.75W (high speculation based on this site:

0.75W x 24 (24hours a day) = 18 watt-hours per day
18W / 1000 = 0.018kWh (1kWh = 1000W)
0.018kWh x 365 = 6.57kWh a year

When you can get a kWh with taxes for €0.22 it is : €0.22 x 6.57 = €1.45 power consumption a year.
So this is it:

PartCost first year (€)20 Neblio staked (€)Total profit first year
Pi Zero11--

With the +/- €18.90 you can cover the startup and power cost with staking :).
I do not mention the €189 from the coins because when the price is the same (not likely) in a year you still have this money only converted from fiat to Neblio.

So do you think it is worth it? Do you run a staking machine? Please tell me :) i love to hear from other stakers :)!

GitHub Neblio (how-to):
Headless installation:
Power consumption Pi's:
Neblio staking calculator:

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Very well laid out information. I will be curious to hear how this plays out for you.

I would suggest including the Neblio cost in your profit chart, as it’s also a key part of the investment to get this off the ground.

I’m going to go read up on Neblio.... I’ve also got a Pi lying around and have been looking for a project to test it out on.


Thanks! Good idea! I am not gonna wait for 2020. Maybe after Q1 ill give an update. The amount of coins are an example so it is difficult to place that in the profit chart.
In my experience when you want to run a QT wallet Neblio is very good with a low memory consumption. Which Pi do you have?