Bitcoin to hit $4000 today? Aaaaand I missed it

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My recent BTC trading history

I've bought 2 Bitcoins a week before August 1st for a (then) high price of $2780. I was expecting a big dip on that last weekend before the fork but it didn't happen.

I did receive 2 free BCH coins on the BIG fork day, which I sold a day later at a nice price of $650 per piece. 

Then I waited for a price increase to sell my 2.5 BTC and I was more than happy to sell at $3320. It was my best short trade ever. It even seemed I timed the high perfectly which made me open a beer a congratulate myself, several times  that evening :D

What I expected

I expected a dip to well bellow $3000 mark, even reaching about $2500 potentially. At that point I would buy in and redistribute my BTCs into several altcoins. Even had my altcoins chosen and everything, I only had to wait for the dip. Which didn't happen.

I am a sad Panda

I am! :D

Missed again. Nothing to do here but wait for the correction. And hopefully learn something from it.

What are your stories on this recent rise? Riding on the waves of happinesses or did you also miscalculate and missed?

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great and informative post
i will follow your account to see how are you doing;) please follow me