USI Tech - Been around most of this year still paying my thoughts 10% back upon signup

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to do a quick article on USI-Tech mainly to explain how it works but also put an offer to anyone interested in joining the program. I know with a lot of these types of programs there is that fear that first of all it could be a scam and that will always be a possibility when any program is offering returns far in excess of what we are all used to in the everyday world. Risk and return are always correlated so of course it carries risk with it.

I am not hear to push or promote the program but rather put some information about it and offer to give anyone who signs up back the initial referral commission that I make from whatever they purchase. I know when signing up to these things you are taking a risk and therefore if I can give you 10% back straight away of whatever you invest then that certainly helps to reduce the fear factor. What's in it for me? Well i'll hopefully get some more people to the team I am in at the moment trying to build up packages and obtain the bonuses available through the program. The best bit with USI is that if you signup you really do get what you put into it and I and the people above me will be putting more spillover referrals into your downline to help that cause as well. I am not going to post affiliate links here but rather just leave it open for anyone to contact me who is interested.

The program is unique in that sense compared to others where at least when I or others in my team are signing people up we will also be putting them under you and because the team isn't big just yet it means a fair percentage of what gets signed up will be in your downline.

For anyone who hasn't seen it before basically they pay you out 1% on average per day over the course of 140 working days per package (These cost around 55 Euro each but payable in Bitcoin) What most people do is then reinvest the package income into buying more packages taking advantage of the compounding effect.

This blog post is not to discuss whether its a scam or not I have no idea but rather I have a percentage of money that I have tied up in crypto world in programs like this then I keep other funds in a coin portfolio to make sure I diversify and spread the risk. So far it has been good to me and I have made multiple withdrawals from the platform.

The return doesn't seem to outrageous and is more feasible than other HYIP programs out there and the fact they get you to verify yourself upon signing up actually makes me more confident they are in it for the long haul. If its a program that you have wanted to test out or try then by all means get in touch and hopefully the 10% payment back helps with taking the leap of faith.

The compensation plan details are below to explain a little more about how that works

All in all I think so far I have had nothing but a good experience with the program and am very hopeful that its around for the long term. My suggestion would be working on building up packages while still gradually reducing your risk by taking out your seed capital. Once you are playing with house money with these programs it becomes a lot easier to be confident in their systems.

Details about the BTC packages

If any of this is of interest please drop me a line and I will shoot through my affiliate link then get your bitcoin address off you so that I can make the 10% commission payment.

Cheers guys any questions just ask :)


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Usitech is real!! Very realiable

hey mate yeah its about to celebrate its 1st year anniversary so that's a long time in the wild west. Works for me so far and seems more legit than the crazy 10% + hyip schemes