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I travelled to Brisbane to hang out with an awesome guy, Kosh Eek, co-founder of the Decentralized Podcast and early Bitcoin adopter. Once he relaxed on camera, he talked for a solid hour about how Bitcoin can disrupt banks and corrupt governments. He put his choice to first buy Bitcoin into context - the scores hours of research into the history of money, the gold standard and its corruption by the US government and the Federal Reserve. This is the first part of that interview.

Feeling lucky

When people hear about someone making it big in Bitcoin, without knowing that background, it can seem like a lucky break, as if crypto assets were a roulette wheel for investors. What Kosh tells us here recounts a very different story, of wisdom, passion and vision.

Kosh recommends Mike Maloney's book "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver", in which Maloney states that his knowledge of money took a leap forward when he pictured a system of rich bankers handing each other notes, each one inscribed with an unexpected phrase - "IOU". In comparison, Bitcoin looked like anything but a gamble - it looked like hope itself.

Kosh read Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, even watched Zeitgest and David Icke to increase his understanding. We can learn a lot from Kosh's story, but in the video I draw out two main points: 1. Karma is real; and 2. Be curious.

1. Karma is real

Karma means your actions and their consequences - action and action returned. If you ignore money, neglect it, even say you hate it, you won't know about it, and you're likely to end up without any. If you read about it, study its ways, and spend time with those who know, you will learn, almost despite yourself.

2. Be curious

A person who notices something unusual, turns to fear and runs will never truly know what he was running from. The curious, intrepid warrior gazes, at least for a moment, at something novel - lets it take him with wonder, excited by the idea that just maybe, everything he knows is wrong. That bold neophile will see opportunities which others do not dare to see.

Thank you

Remember to subscribe to the Decentralized Podcast, where Kosh and his partner Aleks interview industry professionals and regulators to get the big picture of what's happening in crypto.

And have a curious glance at karma's winding path in the next exciting installment of Cryptonomics!

The Episode

You can listen to the episode on Anchor and other podcasting services here: Cryptonomics - Why Kosh Bought Bitcoin Early, watch on DTube above or watch on YouTube below:

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Karma is real - Check.
Be inquisitive - Check.
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Thanks Bob... I think it's cotton. Good for hot Greek days


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