GOOD NEWS for Stratis Holder: Stratis Joins Microsoft Azure MarketplacesteemCreated with Sketch.

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Straitis, as a service and a crypto company company, Blockchaine has recently worked in the headlines to join the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Streets, which is already a full functional blockchain in the form of a full platform, is now a place for C # developers to create additional applications for the platform. What can be the meaning of the blockkine community for its use is really endless.

As part of joining Microsoft, Stratis also launched its full node in C #. The complete node is a more profound tool that is used to analyze and analyze blockchain in another important way.

In C #, a whole node allows Stratis to create blockchain applications in C # to use the built-in intermediate purse (bitcoin corners) in C + + Also, this block-chain development is a C # The new community will open, essentially helping the platform to expand even further.

People should take care of what it means for stratus that Stratis is very attractive for large corporations (where C # is effective language). I would not be surprised if we will be able to create personal or sideline-based blockbusters in Straits and large corporations in the coming weeks, and will create a smart contract at the top of Strategy.

Stratis is notorious for the cryptocourrency and blockchain community to be the biggest ROI percentage in the industry from the IOC to the current date. ROI for initial speculators is more than 100,000% as the time of writing.