Know Your ICO # 1: BeOne -- An Online Decentralized Education Platform Which Pays By Sharing Knowledge & Skills ..!!

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With the beginning of internet, everything is coming online. From banking to insurance, from music to videos and from social media to the education. World is changing rapidly after the inception of internet and with the advent of BlockChain Technology, there came a revolution in Online platforms. We're receiving online decentralized applications for many things but still Educational platform was missing. 

But now the wait is over, A decentralized educational platform is coming online which will pay it's users to share content and skills to others. The name of the platform is BeOne.

So What is BeOne and How it Works?

BeOne is the first Decentralized Education platform which has a target of revolutionizing online education and delivery of courses by creating a distributed ledger backed platform. It is targeting to provide various online courses to varying interests of users. 

If you're a user who needs a platform to learn and teach your skills to the people in need, BeOne is the platform for you. In here, you can learn any skills in which you're interested in. From photography to content writing, from investing to trading, from designing to copywriting. Whatever you want to learn, BeOne will provide it to you. 

BeOne allows it's users to share their skills in the form of a video or text on BeOne platform for a minimum cost while earning a healthy ROI on it. 

BeOne users can attend webinars on various topics of their interest plus they can get immediate consultation from various people who are there to teach. People can purchase a particular course as per their needs with comparatively low price and high accuracy. BeOne also allows its users to search the people with same interest as they have and join the various communities and group to get the top notch knowledge in the field they desire. 

BeOne don't charge much commission from their content creators and courses makers. It is less than even 10% which is actually the minimum rate for the online courses offering platforms. 

When Is their ICO coming Live?

The BeOne ICO is coming live on 28 August 2017. It will be a month long, and investors can purchase BeOne tokens by depositing various cryptocurrencies. For now, there are four options available. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin can deposited to purchase BeOne tokens. 

BeOne tokens are the currency which fuels the BeOne platform and all the transactions will be done on BeOne platform in this currency. 

BeOne tokens has a maximum supply of 10 Million tokens and out of that 9 Millions will be offered for general public in their crowd sale.

So, join their mailing list and also take part in BeOne ICO on 28 August 2017. 

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Interesting. How is this going to be different from Udemy or some of the other online learning platforms?

Decentralized, cost effective, low commission charge for content creators, High returns, personalised app soon and many more.

Curious to know if there are any decentralized competitors in this field yet?
I don't remember seeing any..

You could compare that a little bit with LBRY I guess although BeOne offers better solutions in terms of teaching. LBRY is great for hosting a video course while BeOne seems to be petter to host the entire course with online coaching and live streams and stuff like that.

That looks like a really cool coin. Something I want to use myself which is always a good sign. I am not very excited about the lack of information though. I will keep an eye on this one but I will certainly not invest into their ICO.

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