Follow up and results - KuCoin (KCS) - A good way to earn passive income?

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After just under 24 hours, I received my first shares from the KuCoin holdings on I can't see the exact time I received the shares below, but am pretty impressed considering it can't have been more than 16 hours that I held my initial 311 KCS.

I sold some retuns already as I had to load up with more KCS, but you should get a good idea of returns from the history below.

I think this is high risk, but high return. I'm happy to lose anything I've put in, but actually can't wait to see if some major NEO volume will start on the exchange as I'll be getting a share of the NEO earned and my GAS reward each day.

I've now bought some more KCS and have 579. I'll create another post with my history in a few days as I add more KCS and hopefully see bigger volume return more 50% shares!

Thanks for reading and hopefully the below helps!

I messed up and didn't screenshot the icons/symbols for each coin, but the last column 'received' is where you'll see the coin code. Missing from this list are Walton Coin, HShares (both on no trading fees promo for a month)

If you want to sign up and have a bash, please share the love and use my referal link:

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While it may not be a scam in your opinion, it could be considered spam. Spam is not appreciated by the community and could be flagged or may result in action from the cheetah bot..

Some things that can be considered spam:

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@steemcleaners - Isn't Steemit supposed to be a decentralised and free place to express thoughts and build a helpful community?

Your post and downvote makes it seem like it's only free as long as it complies with your rules. I agree that some rules are necessary, but isn't it better for me to post about my experience of something new like this for others to see before they try it with their own cash??

I was going to run a series on this to show exactly how I've been getting on and hopefully if it's a good or bad thing, the viewers could make up their own mind. I posted my actual account details in images for all to see and clearly stated that even I thought this was high risk.

I notice you didn't downvote and block the person who sneakily commented after someone else's reply on my first post of this series to add his referral link!

If something isn't appreciated by the community, they can block my activity from their thread of their own choice and no one is forced to follow, upvote, comment or take action from anything I say here.

They don't need more people telling them what they can and cannot view!

I really like Kucoin. It has a lot more coins than Binance. For example, XRB, ACT, KCS. Feel free to use my link: We will both get bonus.