Who is @bearableguy123 and why I believe he is a Ripple insider!

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For those of you who don’t know about bearableguy123, he's someone who created a small sub-reddit on Ripple a few months ago. Slowly but surely he started posting bizare and cryptic riddles and pictures hinting at future developments in Ripple. As his subtle hints and cryptic insights were found to eventually come true,bearableguy123 made quite a name for himself.

Why I believe he could be a Ripple insider

There are some mystic hints bearableguy provided which then didn’t seem much. But as time passed and Ripple news were announced, the mysteries became apparent. I will give some insights on why I think he might be an insider

  1. He posted a picture of Moneygram with a list of many companies with an arrow on Walmart back in Jan. Recently, Moneygram made an announcement of their tieup with Walmart.

  2. For some weeks he kept on posting pictures of kids without any hint of what he meant. Ripple announced recently that they made a donation to school children on donorchose.org. He was quick to point out that he had said so!

  3. Some months ago, he stated that on Feb 14, he will give a price prediction on Ripple. And he was true to his word. He gave a EOY 2018 price prediction of $589! Now this number may also be a hint and it might even be 5+8+9= $22.
    Just my random guess because 589 doesn’t seem believable, I would say impossible!

  4. Recently he had posted a picture which was very cryptic and contained a lot of subtle hints. It had XRP flag at the center flying the highest. Next to it on either side were BTC and USD!

  5. In one of his posts, he said that there was someone very influential, whom he referred to as king! This 'king' is someone who is not at all thought to be related to Ripple, but he controls all the reins. Brad is the Knight and other people who we think influential are mere pawns!

  6. After posting his price prediction on Feb 14, he mysteriously vanished by making his sub-reddit private. Now, unfortunately there's no way to guess who this insider is or what his future predictions or cryptic hints will be. @joelkatz, Are you listening?


yes bearableguy123 has clues for us. look here:

Time to buy xrp I guess

Good Observation @ cryptogem... very interesting read.

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Interesting. . . . Now i'ma watch him more.

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