My Top 3 Picks For The Next Bull Run!

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

These are the coins that I have been watching for a long time. I day trade, or played the long term with all these coins personally. There are various questions that I ask and specific things that I look for before deciding which coin is going to out perform most of the other coins.

  1. Fib. levels like 75% price decline, remember we buy low sell high, we want to buy them at a discount
  2. All time high price, All time high Market Cap, we do NOT want to buy a shit coin
  3. Is it fundamentally established? How big is the team? How popular is the team? How big is the community? Are they delivering on their road map? Do they have important releases soon?

Based on these criteria, I was able to performs trades with over 100% returns within just a couple weeks. Tron, Populous, Neo, Lisk and many others. Here is my top 3 list


New Economy Movement (XEM) is a coin that established trust, has key support and resistance level and has a lot big partners world wide. NEM has a key support level that has been tested previously at 1555 sat. It continued with an astronomical jump in price. We are at the same level and RSI shows over sold on the daily chart. As alt coins decline, big players get more eager to buy. Also, XEM has a big development coming up.We want to buy at a discount, not when it's up 50%! 


Neo is seen as Chinese Ethereum. There is a big community behind it. Neo is rapidly building it's eco system by adding quality projects to their system such as ONT, GAS and up coming Neon Exchange (NEX). NEO historically has a key level support at 23,000 sat. Neo is adding Neon Exchange to it's eco system. Neon Exchange is a decentralized exchange that has an ICO going at the moment. Neo being one of the payment method options, I expect NEO to do quite well in the next bull run. 

Cardano (ADA)

ADA is a fairly new player in the space. However, the team behind Ada is enough to prove how serious this protocol project is. With the release of the road map, Ada has skyrocketed 600% in the previous bull run. Since then, Ada has been delivering on their promises despite the declining price. Cardano has a bright future and there is a huge hype behind it. Every road map update results in a big price action. 

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Dude, come on...really NEM?


Why not? I think NEM has an established support level as well as a decent team behind them @nyclogic what are your picks?

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I like the project and I think it will do well. However, investing in NEM just to make money is NOT a good idea. There are just better coins out there regarding ROI.

Playing safe there with your predictions. Neo is a sleeping giant. Cardano is a guaranteed rocketship when bull comes to town. NEM is an interesting one that you picked and I agree. Its an oldie but a goodie.


@blanchy these are the picks that I play long term with lots of funds. I do day trading however, when you play the long picture like this you get higher returns with minimal risk. NEM is a coin that is often ignored by the majority but it has been performing very well and bouncing from the key levels of support


Yeah I'm long term myself. No choice in the matter. Averaging down while bear. At least Neo is sitting making gas. Best of luck with your 3. I have 2 of them in my portfolio.


@blanchy Thanks mate! When the next bull run happens, I will refer to this post and criticize my picks! Let's see then how well they have done

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Interesting article, thanks for sharing! I am still on team ETH though!


I was gonna put ETH in the list because ETH usually bounces from 0.03 btc range but since its such a big player I was like eh everyone knows ETH

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All the Best!!!

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Just wondering do you use elliot waves and Fib for any TA you do. I persoanlly feel we have yet to enter capitulation phase of the emptional cycle and feel we have not hit our bottom on the lage picture yet. Ypur picks are great projects, but they can be bought much cheaper, I will be looking for a wave 2 entry on them.

Good insight! I'll be on the lookout for these! I've read your other comment explaining why you didn't add STEEM but I have a very good feeling about it too, today was a very good day indeed! So you trading daily?
We just started with my wife, following few signals and such


@edprivat yes i do day trading. I am actually thinking of setting up a free telegram channel where I share my trades. Thanks for stopping by :)

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Please keep me updated when you start on telegram, that's exactly what we are looking for!

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nice sharing my friend :)

Lol people have been saying this all year in hopes it will be true... It’s for real this time?

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We are approaching to the end of this bear era. Everything is over sold at this point.

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Neo for sure, I like cardano but they are kinda slow, but it definately a buy for long term.Thanks.😀👍


Next bull run these coins should be a safe play

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