Cryptocurrency Podcast Episode #3 [BTC Price, Binance Hack, Google Ban, And More]

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

This week we discuss all the FUD that is going on in the market like the Binance hack, google banning crytptocurrency related advertisement and more.

We also touch on some good news in the market. Adoption and expansion from major companies like Circle, Robinhood, and others.

Mr.Crypto shares and speaks on the JAFX Forex broker platform who is now supporting different cryptocurrency pairs.

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Google banning will only impact the short term. The reality is that the assets that will be successful will market themselves by word of mouth anyways. The traditional centralized industries will never support the new decentralized paradigm until it is too late for them.

The news on Lightning network going live for beta is great. There are some major players funding the Lightning Network project now as Jack Dorsey (Twitter & Square CEO), David Sacks (former PayPal COO), and the awesome Charlie Lee (Litecoin creator) have invested in Lightning Labs! Making a faster and scalable network will go a long way to making Bitcoin and others a viable and reliable payment processing asset.


I agree the google ban will only have a short term effect just like FB. I also think they will reconsider in the future once things settle down or they step in to the block chain space.

The problem with the lighting network is that most people do not care about the underlying tech. At this point and time there is a lot of speculation in the market and you can see that by the insane price moves by a single tweet from a prominent figure or news outlet in the industry.

It seems like the market does not pay attention to stats and innovation in the tech and most just FOMO looking at price not really knowing what they are looking at.

I love the tech but I am also a trader so human psychology is a big part of being successful in trading.

Lighting is good for the tech and I love the innovation but when it comes to price there is still manipulation.

My advice would be to pay attention to news for short term capital protection and pay attention to the stats for long term viability.