According to Moore's Law, by 2021 the Bitcoin will rise to $ 100,000

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Dennis Oporto, a Harvard scientist known for his investment in crypto currency, announced in Business Insider that the Bitcoin is subject to the same rule that applies to the entire digital world.

This is Moore's Law, which is attached to the Bitcoin, shows that the price of the most popular crypto currency will double every 8 months over the next 3.5 years.

Last time Bitcoin's price is rising. On August 7, the currency exchange rate reached $ 3415. At the beginning of August, the Bitcoin grew by just over 16%, and by the beginning of this year - by 465%. And that's just the beginning. According to the investor and scientist Denis Porto, the price of the world's most popular digital currency will continue to follow the golden rule of the world of technology - Moore's law and will reach $ 100,000.

The empirical law was formulated in 1965 by Intel's founder Gordon Moore and states: "The number of transistors in the chips doubles every two years."

Porto told Business Insider that Moore's law was formulated for the number of transistors in computer chips, but it is valid for any digital technology. "Any technology growing in the exponent (that is, subordinate to Moore's Law) doubles its basic parameter for a specific period of time."

Applying Moore's Law to Bitcoin, Porto came to the conclusion that his price doubled and doubled every 8 months


This regularity gives investors unique opportunities. For many, investing in somewhat unclear modern internet technologies seems complicated, but literally, anyone can buy a Bitcoin.

According to the expert's calculations, the clear trend in the appreciation of Moore's lawsuit will continue until the Bitcoin becomes one of the world's largest financial assets.

Let's not forget that this is the most popular digital currency. So far, it's Bitcoin, whose positions could not be shaken even by splitting the block into two parts and the Bitcoin Cash. If any other digital currency is to become the most popular in the world, then it will begin to obey Moore's Law, and the other crypto currency will not develop under this law.

But the emergence of a new, more successful digital currency is unlikely and Dennis Porto is certain that the Bitcoin will continue to double its price every 8 months until February 2021 when the price of 1 BTC will transfer $ 100,000 and Will be 28 times higher than today's price.

Let's recall that just recently financial analyst Ronnie Moasse predicted that the golden age of crypto currency will begin as early as 2018. According to him, digital money will shift stocks, bonds, and other traditional financial assets.

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@crypto-rev I think it is worth noting that while Moore's law may be relevant, everything is subject to market pressure. The growth in adoption will provide the basis of growth, so as long as that is uninterrupted, this may very well be the case.

You are right, but i just show the different point of view

Thank you @gdreyer i also like the idea

Absolutely beautiful :) I will have to keep investing in Bitcoin every week for the rest of my life haha

Investing small amount of money every month in crypto can change your life in the feature

The biggest driving force behind prices is demand. With the increase in interest, and rapid development of blockchain technology, demand is only going to keep going up. Bitcoin, being the gold-standard of crypto, should therefore see huge gains as a result of this. Whether it gets up to 100,000USD mark (or beyond as some have predicted) is not out of the question. I wouldn't bet against it, that's for sure.

Is foolish to bet against the trend so you are right.

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Moore's law was a fun name for a trend observed in microprocessors

first of all - its not a rule set in stone as it ended for microprocessors as we began to reach the limit of how many transistors we can pack into silicon

secondly - I do not see how the microprocessor market correlates with the price bitcoin, the similarities presented in this article are pure hype buzzwords

the housing market also once grow exponentially, so what?

Interesting post. I was about to post a similair post. The blockchain is here to stay. No matter what any crypto will do in the upcoming years. I think that's a conclusion we can make by now. Besides there is: Every single coin can be analysed here based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and much more. Check: To watch Bitcoin Investment research report.

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