South Korea Won't Ban Crypto And Venezuela Gives Crypto Thumbs Up

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Check out "South Korea Won't Ban Crypto And Venezuela Gives Crypto Thumbs Up" by The Modern Investor:

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I think we have a great buying opportunity brewing here. I’m going to laddering as this market corrects further.

The screen record does it better... South Korea won't suppress it when they have seen the future benefits to its citizens.. In support of it though.. Personally, it's a good move... As for the Robin Hood just found out from this video.. Ur blog is really educative.. Keep it up

That's great news in my opinion, if Skorea won't ban Crypto than other countries probably won't ban it too, and cryptocurrencies will continue growing ( i hope ).

Bad times reveal good investors, we need to be patient, and this will pay off

Your persistence inspire us!!! Thanks!!!

As if South Korea was ever going to really ban crypto.