Cris Cyborg Readying for UFC Championship Bout With PIVX In Her Corner

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PIVX is sponsoring Cris Cyborg as she prepares to take on Amanda Nunes for the Featherweight title at UFC 232, Dec 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada. PIVX to feature on Cyborg’s promotional material and vice-versa as Cyborg trains and promotes her way to what’s set to be a memorable clash.

In the lead-up to professional mixed martial artist, Cris Cyborg’s bout with Amanda Nunes for the UFC women’s Featherweight Championship, her and her team have solidified a sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency PIVX.

Cyborg, with her very impressive record of 20 wins, 1 loss, and one no contest, has been bubbling up for this fight since the start of the year, eager as ever though forced to wait 10 months until the fated day in December as Nunes prepares. With talk this may be Cyborg’s UFC swan song, there’s no doubt it’ll be one for the ages.

It’s through networking of PIVX’s business development lead, John M, that the arrangement materialized, as John spoke with a friend and fellow fighter to Cyborg. Said friend connected them up, and the opportunity to support a great fighter in one of the biggest fights of her life came to be. Naturally, reaching the UFC fanbase, which numbers in the millions, is a juicy opportunity for PIVX also.

“I’ve been a fan of MMA for a long time, said John M. “When the opportunity to support and sponsor an athlete of Cyborg’s caliber arose, I thought PIVX would be a perfect fit. Cris and her team are super professional and I have enjoyed working with them on this,” he added, having to keep details of the negotiation a secret for some time. “I’m really looking forward to the UFC 232 fight week, as it is going to be great exposure for PIVX.”

The arrangement provides PIVX with a range of sponsor benefits, including

The official Press release announcing a partnership between PIVX and the Athlete.

-Athlete Social Media Broadcasts (Facebook Network/ Instagram/Twitter)
-high-resolution photo of Athlete with your product (license (3) months)
-UFC Official Athlete afterparty tickets
-Video Presented by; “YOUR LOGO” across the bottom 6 seconds in (2) of (4) episodes of UFC Athlete show
-Ending Credits mention in all (4) UFC Event Athlete episodes
-Logo placement on official fight team uniform for UFC Event
-Logo placement on Official Athlete Shuttle Van UFC Event Fight Week

John will be present to cheer Cyborg on, as well as to attend the afterparty and represent PIVX that (and hopefully congratulate Cyborg on her win on behalf of the team and community).

UFC 232 takes place at T-Mobile arena, Dec 29th 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I will be working the event and sounds like an exciting card, just got notified to book flights to LA as the fight moved to California due to Nevada athletic commission not clearing Jones for the drug thing...

I will be attending UFC 232! Let’s see if I can see the logo from the nose bleed seats 😅

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i will love to see the match

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Just as a polite suggestion, it might have been useful to briefly explain what is PIVX. I for one have no clue.

About the fight, Nunes is going to get hammered. She's good, but not good enough to beat Cyborg, and her ego will be her undoing.

Watching Valentina Shevchenko's recent fight with Joanna J, I was reminded of Cyborg. Shevchenko is like a smaller version of her, with the same massive shoulders.

I hope everyone noticed what an incredibly good sport Joanna was about her loss. There are many on the men's side who could take a lesson in sportsmanship from her.

Thats a good sponsordeal, Cyborg just loves to dominate )

Loving to watch this

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That’s pretty cool to see

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I like Cris Cyborg. She is the best after Rounda Rousey

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