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RE: Facebook lost $90B in market cap this month, yet it's still 40% larger than the entire Cryptocurrency market cap

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

Don't worry by the end of April, it will be worth less that the entire cryptocurrency market cap. By the end of the year probably half or less. Facebook is dying, I haven't used it for a couple years and now other smart people are dropping it.


I was hoping you were going to say it was worth less because crypto was soaring, dang. Perhaps some combination of the two. I think once we get past April 19th (tax day), we will see some money come back into the space.

@jrcornel. I'm glad you said some money. Because tax day isn't for the entire world. It's just for the US. Hopefully, people will FOMO in because they have no idea what initiated the new bull run lol.

Agree times 100 times the reason for the drop this time of year is liquidations for tax purposes. People are meeting thier accountants and freaking out. Also profit taking because no tax is due for a year on that. Then again it is the year of the dog and I prefer cats.

There is some good news coming out for crypto right now, hence the bounce. Also there is huge money wanting to get in, waiting for the finalization of regulations, hedge funds, central banks etc. It will take time to build up momentum and it will go past the moon to another galaxy as the real whales buy in giving crypto some real legitimacy to all the investors that thus far have been too scared to jump in.

This, so much awareness now of this soul harvesting tapeworm platform, it's usage pattern mimics that of Myspace right at its peak when it plateaued. Look out zuck, better find a new job.

Yeah, I wonder how many accounts are sitting inactive, with people who won't come back but haven't bothered to close them.

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