Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante & Crypt0 On Liberland, Police In A Decentralized Future, Cryptocurrency, & More!

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Thank you for the upvote @thejohalfiles
I always appreciate it, and am happy to know you're diggin the content when I earn one from you. Keep being awesome, good sir!

Even i am the biggest fan of @thejohalfiles
but the question is why. still i don't understand.
but yes, it's true.

Good vibes beget good vibes

nice one

Good stuff.

Great interview.

Great interview, thanks!

I can always enjoy a nice cryptocurrency interview!!! Upvoted. Thanks for letting us fellow steemit users enjoy your articles it really is good fun!

Thanks so much for your videos and content. Great interview between two highly influential individuals within this movement.

Very informative . I sense the authority being crypto conscious . The information is mind blowing and the interviewee has shown the authority and joy in being able to control one's life. The anarchapulco conference will be eye opening.

Really cool interview. I really enjoyed learning more about liberland.

The revolutionary 'rebel' aspect of this 'space' is what's most attractive to me; yes the prospect of making money; at tremendous levels - and the freedom to control it; is So appealing; @dollarvigilante is the dude!! great intreview man

really worthful video that always ready to provide info about the cryptos.
very well interview.
please keep posting
love it,

👍Cryptocurrency is the way to go. Sorry, I can't donate but I already upvoted and about to resteem. Thanks for sharing👍

that is good interview thanks for your time

Love this guys story man he really taught me so much about cryptos and for that im grateful.

Great Article

Great :), thanks a lot for posting!

This dream land in the center of Balkan region, will the surrounding countries leave it safe?

great interview! thanks for your time

This is very informative articles throughout properly to be able to protected a transform. It's good to be able to brand in which numerous a person still know How to Make a good submit!

hmmm. Quite informative. My first time viewing your work. I wasn't sure what anarchism was until now.

Great interest was well informative. Keep up the great work Crypto.

enjoyed the post , enjoyed the interview 🎤
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upvoted and followed

Yoo this video is awesome!

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love your content!!!!

got to love these guys....they're 'all the way up'

great interview! I am watching everytime a new video comes out! Awesome job of informing people. Thanks to these guys we are ahead of the game and becoming early adopters! upvoted :)

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-03 om 11.40.09.png

Listen to Jeff guys! Buy eos!

The interview is great and best thing about this is,that this is about cryptocurrency.
you did a great job buddy.
looking forward to your future posts or work

Congrats on the interview with Jeff.

very knowledgeable it was thanks for sharing

Love these two guys. I've made lots of money with them.

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What's the best way to get in contact with you?

Great video!

How your friends survive may remain given health. And I hope your days are fun, with your best posts, which inspire many of Steemit's loyal readers.

@crypt0 many of your great posts This is a very interesting and useful post, so it's my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share.

I voted and followed you.

I love Jeff even though I was a soldier. I know he means well and most likely understands that I was young man when I joined.

Badass video gentlemen

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