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Well guys,

Hope you'll love this series of me blogging about my experience in the cryptocurrency world. To give you a bit of a background of my crypto experience, which is minimal so far. Thanks to boxmining and DataDash as well as Chris Dunn I've started to understand more about the crypto world.

Coming from a FX background I know something about Bollinger Bands, Stockatistics (never can get this one right!), RSI etc. I intend to HODL first and maybe do the occasional trade in cryptos I started following. So far the cryptos I've invested in are:

NavCoin (I don't know why I started with this one?????) <- don't like it and was a stupid buy in my opinion

My interest to dig a bit deeper into crypto came from Cardano. Having attempted to read the whitepaper (it's more like a dissertation) I found myself interested in this coin as well as in doing some research of other cool projects that actually have a good purpose rather than ripping the buyer off.

So anyway I'm invested in those and keep a fair share in my private wallets and some coins on Bittrex as I find the LSK wallet to be a specific PITA (using a seed to log on to your wallet is just nuts). So what are my plans right now.

  1. Expand on my assets that I'm currently holding with an initial investment of £500
  2. Researching new coins for me such IOTA and Moveco (seems like a money maker but need to check)
  3. Get a Coinigy trading account which I started loving during the 30 day trial
  4. Checking more about XRP

Well guys there you have it, my jouney in the crypto hodling and trading world has begun. I'll post more updates over the next couple of weeks as I'm getting into this big time.

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