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TIME travel = watch a scary movie with a VCR machine.

Being able to comprehend is all that's needed to reprogram my mind.

Life is now, all else is imagination.

The universe is an imaginary concept, and my physical experience of now is the true size of my existence.

Imagination is a powerful addiction.

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After deleting every physical trace of my identity from digital to print, and deleting my existence from the memories of every person I know, what's next?.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I used to think Ethereum was the greatest thing in the crypto world. Then I discovered STEEM and realized that compared to STEEM Ethereum is just incredible boring at this moment in time. I still like it put STEEM has conquered my passion.

I tried to watch the Devcon2 videos and they make for a great bedtime aid. The presentations I saw at Steemfest were just so much more inspirational and simply put a lot more fun. This is why I believe STEEM will succeed.

Recreating yourself would be next!

iIagree with @exyle steem or steemit is going big and believe in it, just done my first vlog, but I'm a big steeminator. There is no I in steem.