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in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Everyone in my life accepts 'magic money', so there's no fear to get free money for stupid reasons, and there's no limit.

Everything has already been created for me, to experience in my now.

The need to help others is a reflection of self doubt and low self esteem.

Nobody likes me, and only me, because I'm nobody.

if I am not there, the tree can only fall in my imagination.

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There is one self, no shadow, no light being, just one self.

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@craig-grant, you're on a magic carpet ride. I hate computers crashing.

@Craig Grant
Sorry to hear about the new delivered miner, that is a bummer indeed! But I have a gift for you that shall cheer you up and possibly may like -
I would show the gaming system I plan on getting by the end of the month but I don't want competition to take it before I get a chance so I will display after I make the purchase;)
Hang in there, your mining business will soon take off!
0h! and one more thnig, so your saying we now have 14 more days to accumulate interest on our Steem-Power?

He @craig-grant , it's not your computer that is buggy, it's windows. Try using Linux, you can use the same Nicehash software, that's what I am doing, and no more Blue Screen of Death with that shit of MS Winblows! When you run a computer or server Windows is the worst choice, even Microsoft is using Linux for his own cloud Azur! Linux is a strong and robust system built on UNIX, UNIX started to be developed in 1960, a very robust family of operating systems (MacOS also belongs to the Unix family of OS).