Lot's of us have probably dreamt of a genuine crypto bot but here is a guy I know actually making it real!

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I am going to be totally honest! Never in my life have I believed that a trading bot could ever be perfected. Way before bitcoin came into existence I researched this idea so much in the forex market and I found every single time just a whole load of scammers who were very clever in even making people believe it was possible before running away with $200+ deposits.

Now I know there will be a lot of people who have probably wondered if it is possible in the cryptocurrency world, for a crypto bot to be even possible and I am sure there will a lot more people that would be dubious about anyone that says its even possible but.....

There is a gentleman that I have worked alongside with for the last 2 years in fact I can say hand on heart big time this guy helped me actually helped me through one of the worst lows of my life when I first met him, although i'm quite thick skinned and keep the tough times quite private he honestly did and I know this man to be a person who has had a few failures himself and will be the first person to admit it and i respect him for that, others can be to quick to judge so i'm going to ask you. 

If you have ever been curious as to whether a trading bot is possible to trade on your behalf whether cryptocurrency is going up or down, do check the video above because this guy is about to blow the socks of a lot of people. In fact I have labelled this guy the Tom Eddisson of the crypto world right now and I have to admit after been plugged in for the last few weeks and watching the developments I have gone from been the biggest disbeliever that this was possible to I am humbled that I was wrong and feeling pretty excited now at the results i have been watching as this is been developed. 

So if you want to stay updated after watching the video you will see in my profile a link where you can message me. Please feel free to send a polite request. I will ask you a really simple question to make sure I know you actually watched the info I have shared as I don't do baby sitting its entirely up to the individual to do their due diligence and find out and never in my life have I ever shared anything that is not worth checking out so see what you think and maybe we will chat later:)

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