Learn 0x. Earn 0x. Coinbase Project - Earn9 ZRX free

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Hello all,
Coinbase , is creating a new model for teach crypto. They started today a new model called "Learn 0x. Earn 0x".

This new model consist in Learn about 0x (ZRX) and Earn (ZRX), for now they haver 3 videos Online

A full video can be found on : DLIVE - Learn 0x. Earn 0x. Coinbase Project

Each video has a Quiz to answer, after your answer you will receive 1$ in ZRX, an email confirmation will be delivered in minuts on your mail box.

Email from CoinBase:

Wallet Confirmation

How to do!

Thankyou all

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Thats very cool. Thanks for sharing. I put my name on the waiting list .


Thank you help me spread the word.

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